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Vecteezy is an royalty free stock assets library that provides access to an extensive library of free stock vectors and illustrations, free stock photos, free stock videos, and many other graphic resources for use in creative projects. It is designed to be a convenient and safe-to-use source of visual elements that designers can incorporate into their professional and personal creative projects without having to create each element from scratch, and without worrying about licensing and royalties when using these assets in commercial projects.

Vecteezo Pro

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There are several reasons why royalty free stock assets are a key tool in any creative person’s and marketer’s arsenal. Here are a few of them that prove why downloading royalty-free stock assets are ideal for professional and creative projects:

  1. Time and resource savings: Downloading royalty-free stock assets can save time and effort in creating graphics, taking photographies, or capturing video from scratch. It allows users not to compromise on quality and allocate time and resources on other pressing tasks, which makes stock libraries like Vecteezy especially useful for projects with tight deadlines.
  2. Legal and worry-free use: By choosing royalty-free stock assets, you get the license to use and modify the graphics according to the terms set by the library (in the case of Vecteezy, providing attribution to this page as the source of the assets used). This avoids copyright-related legal issues and ensures proper use in professional projects.
  3. Variety of styles and themes: Stock libraries often offer a wide range of styles and themes, making it easy to find graphic elements that fit the aesthetic of a particular project.

Asset Types available on Vecteezy

Vecteezy is truly a creative hub for all sorts of stock assets, including a few online tools to take your content creation to the next level and without needing any extra software. Most assets have thousands of free downloads available, while a couple of features are reserved for Vecteezy’ paid users under Vecteezy Pro.

Stock Vectors on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Stock Vectors on vecteezy pro

When talking about graphic design and multimedia, a vector refers to vector graphics, which are images created with vector design software. Unlike bitmap images (such as photographs), vector graphics are composed of geometric objects such as lines, curves and polygons. These objects are mathematically defined, which allows them to be scaled to any size without losing quality, and can also be easily edited to adjust colors, shapes, and sizes both easily and precisely.

Vecteezy counts with millions of stock vectors across popular categories, such as backgrounds, icons, borders, landscapes, objects, animals, people, holidays, among many, many others.

Use the following Vecteezy Pro Coupon to Save on Unlimited Premium Stock Vectors:

Stock Images on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Stock Photos on vecteezy pro

Stock images are photographs, illustrations, and other types of graphics that are available for licensing and use in creative projects. These images are created and made available to the public through online platforms or specialized agencies, and are captured or otherwise made by professional photographers and designers. Users, such as designers, publishers, website owners, among others, can purchase licenses to use these images in their projects without having to hire a photographer or content creator directly.

Vecteezy counts with millions of stock vectors across popular categories, such as backgrounds, icons, borders, landscapes, objects, animals, people, holidays, among many, many others.

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Stock Video on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Stock Videos on vecteezy pro

Similar to the asset types above, stock videos, also known as archival footage or stock footage, are pre-existing recordings that are available for use in creative projects, such as videos, presentations, commercials, films and more. These videos are created for the purpose of being licensed and used by others in their own projects, and can cover a wide variety of subjects, from natural landscapes to urban scenes, everyday situations, people, animals, visual effects and more. They are intended to provide content creators with a quick and convenient option to add visual elements to their productions without having to shoot all the footage themselves.

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PNG’s on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

PNG's on vecteezy pro

A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. One of the significant features of PNG files is the ability to support transparency. A transparent background in a PNG image means that a specific color (usually designated as transparent) is treated as fully transparent, allowing the background behind the image to show through. This is different from formats like JPEG, which do not support transparent backgrounds and always have a solid, opaque background.

The transparency feature in PNG files makes them particularly useful for multimedia projects, as they can be added almost as “stickers” without needing to trim out the background, which can be a tedious process.

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Templates on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Templates on vecteezy pro

Similar to Canva (read our Canva Review here!), Vecteezy offers an online editor with life-saving templates for all your creative needs. You will find templates for presentations, business cards, instagram posts and stories, CVs and resumés, Pinterest Graphics, YouTube banners, among many, many others. The editor and hundreds of templates are free to use, but Pro users get unlimited projects and access to thousands of extra premium templates.

Use the following Vecteezy Pro Coupon to Save on Unlimited Premium Templates:

Asset Bundles on Vecteezy (Pro Users)

Bundles on vecteezy pro

Undoubtedly one of the most valuable features available to Vecteezy Pro users, these bundles give you insane amounts of creative assets, especially for more advanced designers and marketers. Some examples include social media templates, font bundles, photo overlays, presentation, infographics, and diagram template, high quality background images, among many others. In our opinion, just one of these bundles more than makes up for the cost a single month of Vecteezy Pro.

Use the following Vecteezy Pro Coupon to Save on incredible Asset Bundles

Vecteezy Pro

vecteezy pro pricing

Vecteezy Pro is Vecteezy’s premium tier that can be accessed under both a monthly subscription service, as well as on-demand credit purchases.

Vecteezy Pro’s subscription model can be paid under Monthly billing ($14 billed monthly) or Yearly (USD $81 billed yearly). If you do some quick math, you will quickly realize that the Yearly billing saves you already 50% over monthly billing. For all the amazing features that a Vecteezy Pro account offers you, it is a no-brainer to opt for the Yearly billing of Vecteezy Pro.

If you just need a few specific assets instead of the flat-rate subscription plan with unlimited downloads, you can also opt for on-demand credits. USD $10 gives you 1 Pro download, USD $15 gives you 5 Pro downloads, and USD $20 gives you 10 downloads. We only encourage the on-demand purchase of Vecteezy Pro assets if you truly just need a one-off Premium stock asset. If not, the subscriptions truly give you a bang for your buck for all the amazing and unlimited assets you will get (and as we creatives know, you never need just one creative assets. Any project will require you to get at least half a dozen assets to get the best results.

Want to save on these prices? Use the following Vecteezy Pro coupon and save! [coupon]

Regardless of which version of Vecteezy Pro you decide to get, opting for Pro assets downloaded as a Vecteezy Pro users offers users an array of compelling advantages:

  1. Vecteezy Pro subscribers gain access to a vast repository of millions of Pro resources, expanding their creative possibilities beyond what it offered for free.

  2. Vecteezy Pro includes the perk of unlimited downloads, ensuring that you can freely explore and download from a broad quantity royalty free multimedia stock assets.

  3. Vecteezy Pro users enjoy full commercial rights for the assets they download without any need for attribution. This means they can confidently incorporate Vecteezy’s materials into their commercial projects without any licensing concerns.

  4. Vecteezy Pro users are entitled to legal indemnification, which provides an extra layer of assurance, safeguarding users from potential royalty or copyright issues related that may arise from the use of the resource.

  5. Vecteezy Pro subscribers enjoy full access to Bundles, collection downloads, faster download speeds, and an ad-free experience, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their overall experience.

Vecteezy Pro Coupons

Have we convinced you about the many advantages of a Vecteezy Pro account? Then enjoy a 10% off your yearly subscriptions with the following coupon:

Vecteezy Pro is also discounted for events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and has a few extra sales throughout the year. While you can always check in their Pricing Page for sales, we know that creativity cannot wait and that is why we have written this article reviewing Vecteezy Pro and listing Vecteezy Pro Coupons for you to get started with Vecteezy Pro for your personal and professional multimedia projects right away!

Vecteezy Pro Free Trial


Vecteezy Pro has recently introduced a Free Trial so you can test their subscription service for 7 days without any commitment. If you are not enjoying Videezy Pro, you can cancel your free trial within 7 days without anything being charged to your card. You can opt for a free trial of their monthly and yearly billing – but not for the on-demand purchases. 


Disclaimer: It seems that Vecteezy is testing a full free trial instead of coupons. We see that sometimes coupons are accepted, and sometimes the checkout only allows for a free trial to be added instead of any additional discounts. The free trial is still a fantastic way to take a look at all that Vecteezy Pro has to offer with no strings attached and no commitment!

If you enjoyed this review and found our coupon useful, check out our other reviews and coupons for many other tools that we strongly recommend for creatives and marketing professionals!



2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing + Free Downloads!2023-11-27T16:22:26+00:00

6 job sectors for freelance digital marketing specialists in 2024Another year closes, and a new year starts. In the last trimester of the year, people are busy with holiday shopping and travel plans, but us creative folk are planning all our marketing campaigns for each quarter of the new year. Last year we presented the 2023 calendar with holidays for marketing, and we are making a tradition out of it with the 2024 calendar with holidays for marketing and some extra free downloads!

Marketing and creative experts are well aware of the necessity to strategize their content and promotional efforts well ahead of time, aligning them with yearly holidays to capitalize on seasonal trends and holiday sales. This proactive approach will undoubtedly continue and adapt itself to evolving marketing and consumer trends. To assist in your planning, we’ve put together a comprehensive 2024 calendar with holidays for marketing designed to aid your business and creative initiatives.

Looking forward to 2024, several emerging marketing trends are expected to dominate the landscape. Personalization will become even more integral, with brands striving to tailor their messaging and campaigns to individual consumer preferences and behaviors. The use of AI and machine learning in marketing analytics will enhance the ability to predict consumer trends and personalize content effectively. Sustainability and ethical practices in marketing continue being a hot topic, as Millenial and Gen-Z consumers keep becoming more environmentally conscious and expect brands to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability in their products, services, and marketing campaigns.

Interactive and immersive experiences, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), are also predicted to gain more traction in 2024. These technologies offer novel ways for brands to engage with consumers, creating memorable and engaging marketing experiences. Social media will continue to evolve, with platforms likely introducing new features and algorithms. Marketers will need to stay agile and adapt their strategies to leverage these changes effectively. All of these trends don’t come without their own set of challenges. Greenwashing (that is, claiming environmental and sustainable practices without any substance behind them) is becoming more easily recognized by customers and denounced by international organizations. For digital marketers, Q1 2024 seems to be the final nail in the coffin for cookies, which, alongside the strides in AI in marketing and advertising, seems to make the industry’s paradigm shift all the more palpable.

But enough predictions and trends, let’s dive into the 2024 calendar with holidays for marketing! We’ll explore the major celebrations and holidays of each month, ensuring to highlight some key international holidays as well. We’ll also point out the major sales events that typically occur each month, offering insights for those who wish to align their industry-specific campaigns with these opportunities. Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll provide FREE assets for each month that you can incorporate into your holiday campaigns!

2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

January 2024 Calendar with Holidays

January 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

Ah, the fresh start of a new year! January symbolizes new beginnings for many. In the Northern Hemisphere, this month is often linked with the chill of winter, while in the Southern Hemisphere, places like Argentina and Australia find themselves in the midst of summer during January.

January 2024 Holidays

Monday, January 1st: New Year’s Day

Saturday, January 6th: Epiphany

Friday, January 26th: Australia Day

January 2024 Sale Events

“White Sales” of bedding and linen from major department stores and retailers.

Sales, deals, and promotions on fitness and sports equipment following the typical health and fitness new year’s resolutions.

January 2024 Free Creative Assets

Hundreds of Chinese New Year stock vectors

Hundreds of Chinese New Year stock photos

Four free stock music tracks of traditional Chinese music

February 2024 Calendar with Holidays

February 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

February is globally celebrated for Valentine’s Day, but there’s much more to the month. In regions with Catholic roots, such as New Orleans, as well as across South America and Europe, Mardi Gras and Carnival festivities add vibrancy and joy to what is typically a chilly month. Think of Brazil’s extravagant Carnaval and the elaborate masquerades in Venice! Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, February signifies summer’s end. For instance, Australian students return to school in early February, in contrast to the September back-to-school season in the Northern Hemisphere.

February 2024 Holidays

Black History Month throughout February

Saturday, February 10th: Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 11th: Superbowl (USA)

Tuesday February 13th: Mardi Gras/Carnival

Wednesday February 14th: Valentine’s Day

February 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on TVs and electronics, especially in the USA ahead of the ever-popular Superbowl.

Sales, deals, and promotions on winter clothing, apparel, and accessories (Northern Hemisphere).

Sales, deals, and promotions on home goods ahead and on President’s Day (USA), with potential similar sales in other western countries.

February 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free Black History Month vectors and stock photos

Thousands of Valentine’s Day videos, featuring flowers, couples, and families

Thousands of free heart icons, stickers, animated icons, and interface icons

Thousands of free Carnival vectors and photos

Thousands of free Mardi Gras vectors and photos

March 2024 Calendar with Holidays

March 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

March marks the return to school for students in South American countries below the Equator, while in the Northern Hemisphere, it heralds the arrival of spring. Additionally, cultural and religious festivities from India and Muslim-majority countries, such as Holi and Ramadan, have been gaining more recognition in Western societies. In 2024, Easter will actually fall on the very last day of March.

March 2024 Holidays

Friday, March 8th: International Women’s Day

Sunday, March 17th: Saint Patrick’s Day

Tuesday, March 19th: First day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere)

Sunday, March 10th: first day of Ramadan

Monday, March 25th: Holi /Festival of Colors

Sunday, March 31st: Easter Sunday

March 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on tax software and services ahead of Tax Day, which usually takes place in April.

March 2024 Free Creative Assets

Hundreds of free Women’s Day stock photos and vectors

Dozens of free Holi/Festival of Colors stock photos

Hundreds of free Saint Patrick’s Day icons

Hundreds of free Spring-related stock videos

Hundreds of Ramadan-themed stock photos

April 2024 Calendar with Holidays

April 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

Even though Easter falls on March 31st in 2024, April in the Northern Hemisphere will still be characterized by the vibrant bloom of spring, complete with floral displays, chicks, bunnies, Easter eggs, and pastel hues. Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere, this month signifies the peak of autumn, with all the pastel Easter motifs being present nonetheless.

April 2024 Holidays

Sunday, April 7th: World Health Day

Monday, April the 22nd: Earth Day

Tuesday, April the 23rd: World Book Day

April 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on vacuum cleaners ahead of “Spring Cleaning”.

Sales, deals, and promotions on beauty products, following the trend stared by Sephora’s Spring Sale.

Sales, deals, and promotions on sustainable and “green” items ahead of Earth Day.

April 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free Easter vectors and stock photos

Thousands of free Earth Day stock photos

May 2024 Calendar with Holidays

May 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

May is prominently marked by Mother’s Day celebrations. Additionally, Mexico observes Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that has been adopted in the USA as a festive occasion (i.e., and excuse to party).

May 2024 Holidays

Sunday, May 5th: Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday, May 7th: Teacher’s Day

Sunday, May 12th: Mother’s Day

May 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on spring clothing and apparel

May 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free Teacher’s Day vectors and stock photos

Thousands of free Mother’s Day stock videos

June 2024 Calendar with Holidays

June 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

June is notable for its celebrations of both Children’s and Father’s Day, following Mother’s Day in the previous month. Additionally, this month has become synonymous with Pride Month, featuring rainbow-themed transformations and significant pride events occurring globally.

June 2024 Holidays

Pride Month throughout June

Sunday, June 9th: Children’s Day

Sunday, June 16th: Father’s Day

June 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on lingerie following the trend started by Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Deals and Promotions on gym memberships given people’s likelihood of starting to exercise outdoor again during this season

Sales, deals, and promotions on tools, hardware, and other traditionally “dad” gifts ahead of Father’s Day

June 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free Gay Pride-related icons and stickers

Thousands of free Children’s Day vectors and stock photos

Thousands of free Father’s Day stock photos

July 2024 Calendar with Holidays

July 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

July in the Northern Hemisphere marks the height of summer, with children often out of school and possibly attending summer camp. This month features two major national celebrations: Canada Day in Canada and the Fourth of July in the USA. It’s a time for displaying maple leaf flags and stars and stripes, accompanied by plenty of fireworks and barbecues!

July 2024 Holidays

Monday, July 1st: Canada Day (Canada)

Thursday, July 4th: American Independence Day (USA)

July 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on summer clothing and apparel (Northern Hemisphere)

Amazon’s Prime Day have usually been in July. Other retailers discount or price-match to keep up with Amazon’s sales event (also referred to as the Summer Black Friday).

July 2024 Free Creative Assets

Dozens of free fireworks stock videos

Hundreds of Fourth of July stock photos

August 2024 Calendar with Holidays

August 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

August, often among the year’s warmest months, is when many choose to take their extended annual vacations. Parisians and New Yorkers, for instance, will confirm that locals typically leave the city, paving the way for a surge in tourism. Additionally, the buzz of ‘back to school’ preparations begins to emerge towards the month’s end.

August 2024 Holidays

Throughout August: Summer Holidays and Vacations

Monday, August 19th: World Photography Day

August 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on school supplies and apparel ahead of back-to-school in September (Northern Hemisphere)

Sales, deals, and promotions on gardening and yard products ahead of Fall (Northern Hemisphere)

August 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free summer-related stock videos

Thousands of free summer stock photos

September 2024 Calendar with Holidays

September 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

September in the Northern Hemisphere signifies the start of the new academic year for students at all levels, from Kindergarten through to Ph.D. candidates. Labour Day provides a welcome holiday at the beginning of the month, and there’s a growing enthusiasm for the autumn season, with many eager to bring out their sweaters and coats from storage.

September 2024 Holidays

Throughout September: Back to School (Northern Hemisphere)

Monday, September 2nd: Labor Day

September 2024 Sale Events

Discounts on previous iPhone models ahead of Apple’s announcement of the latest iPhone launch.

Sales, deals, and promotions on home goods and appliances around Labor Day 

September 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free Back-to-School vectors and stock images

Thousands of free Labor Day icons and stickers

October 2024 Calendar with Holidays

October 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

October is universally synonymous with Halloween in the popular imagination. The imagery of yellow and red leaves, ghosts, and witches is widespread, despite this month marking the height of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

October 2024 Holidays

Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout October

Monday, October 14th: Canadian Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 31st: Halloween

October 2024 Sale Events

Sales, deals, and promotions on outdoor and patio furniture ahead of the cold winter months (Northern Hemisphere)

October 2024 Free Creative Assets

Hundreds of free Breast Cancer Awareness-related stock photos

Hundreds of free Diwali stock photos

Thousands of free Halloween vectors and stock photos

A few free Halloween stock music tracks

Thousands of Día De Muertos icons and stickers

November 2024 Calendar with Holidays

November 2024 Calendar with Holidays for Marketing

November begins with the Day of the Dead, a holiday observed in many Catholic countries and notably characterized by Mexico’s vibrant candy skulls and “Catrinas.” Outside of Mexico, it’s often celebrated in conjunction with Halloween. This month is brimming with festivities and shopping events. In the USA, Thanksgiving stands as the most significant holiday, leading into the renowned shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Additionally, China’s “Anti-Valentine’s” Day on November 11th, a major sales event, has not only become popular in other Asian countries but has also gained momentum in the UK.

November 2024 Holidays

Friday, November 1st: Diwali

Saturday, November 2nd: Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos)

Monday, November 11th: Single’s Day (Mainly China, but gaining traction in other countries)

Thursday, November 28th: American Thanksgiving (USA)

Friday, November 29th: Black Friday

November 2024 Sale Events

Big sales, deals and promotions on virtually everything over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free single’s day vectors and stock photos

Hundreds of free Thanksgiving Stock Photos

Thousands of free Black Friday vectors and stock photos

Thousands of free Cyber Monday vectors and stock photos

December 2024 Calendar with Holidays

December 2024 calendar with holidays for marketing

December is a month filled with festivities, widely regarded as the most celebratory time of the year. Christmas has become a global phenomenon, celebrated even in non-Christian countries, exemplified by unique traditions like Japan’s unusual custom of eating KFC on Christmas. In the USA, Kwanzaa is a newer holiday celebrated within the African American community, and Hannukah is observed by Jewish communities around the world.

December 2024 Holidays

Monday, December 2nd: Cyber Monday

Starts Wednesday 25th: First night of Hanukkah

Wednesday, December 25th: Christmas

Thursday, December 26th: Boxing Day (UK/Canada)

Thursday, December 26th: First day of Kwanzaa

December 2024 Sale Events

Most sales from Black Friday drag into December. Boxing Day is regarded as the first day of post-holiday discounts in Canada and the UK. Sales drag into the winter sales of January too (if you TRULY want the best deals, wait for the January clearances… trust us!).

December 2024 Free Creative Assets

Thousands of free Hannukah icons and stickers

Thousands of free Christmas vectors and stock photos

Dozens of free Kwanzaa icons and stickers

Thousands of free Kwanzaa stock photos

That wraps it up for our 2024 calendar with holidays for marketing! Don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy reference throughout the year. For additional free resources for your marketing campaigns, take a look at our article listing sites where you can create free rainbow gradients. Also, check out our compilation of 100 free fonts to download, including a variety of Christmas and holiday-themed options. May we also suggest you visit our gallery of royalty-free pretty background images (that are free to download!), as well as our gallery of royalty free b roll footage to download for free too?.

After sharing all this information, all that’s left to say is that we hope you enjoyed our 2024 calendar with holidays for marketing and feel ready for all of the upcoming holidays in this new year!

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6 job sectors for freelance digital marketing specialists in 2024

Cover image via Pexels

All other images used come from Unsplash
5 proven ideas to find clients as a freelance copywriter2023-11-24T15:46:48+00:00

Here at RGBLatte, we’ve talked a lot about freelancing as a viable and rewarding way of working, especially for the creative types. Finding clients as a freelance copywriter can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just starting out – and it can be precisely why many professionals hesitate to leave their comfy corporate 9-5 job, and start working as a freelancer. It often seems like a challenging journey filled with uncertainty and anxiety. But with the right strategies in place, you can overcome this hurdle and build a successful freelancing career. This article provides five effective ideas that can help you to find clients as a freelance copywriter. This article is useful if you are already a freelance copywriter and are in the lookout for new clients and gigs, or if. you have considered freelancing part- or full-time and would like some ideas to overcome the fear that the question of: “How will I to find clients as a freelance copywriter” brings.

First of all, what is a freelancer, and what is a copywriter? A freelancer, also known as a self-employed or independent worker, is a person who offers his or her professional services independently to different clients or companies, rather than working as a full-time employee in a single organization. Freelancers work for specific projects, tasks or periods, and are usually hired for their expertise and skills in a particular field. This type of work has been growing steadily as part of what has been referred to as the “gig economy”, in which approximately 150 million professionals across North America and Western Europe participate (and which is steadily increasing in other regions of the world too!).

Copywriting is a specialized writing skill that focuses on creating persuasive content for the purpose of promoting products, services or ideas. Copywriting professionals, known as copywriters, are dedicated to writing advertising copy, marketing messages and promotional content with the goal of attracting the attention of the target audience, generating interest, creating a desire to purchase or take action, and ultimately motivating readers or viewers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, completing a form or any other action desired by the advertiser. It is a profession that lends itself perfectly to freelancing, as you can create copy for a variety of clients who don’t have the resources or option to have a dedicated in-house copywriter.

How find clients as a freelance copywriter

1. Networking and Building Relationships

leveraging your network is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

Networking is a vital tool for anyone looking to find clients as a freelance copywriter. The very first place to look for when networking to find clients as a freelance copywriter: your professional network. Remember that agency where you interned a few years back? Reach out to them and former colleagues. Remember that client who loved what you did for them a few years back? Reach out and ask if they have any copywriting needs or who knows anyone who does. Remember that college professor who was a part-time teacher, part-time entrepreneur? Reach out. This is truly our best recommendation and this is why we make it the very first point of the very first point.

When networking and building relationships to find clients as a freelance copywriter (and for any sort of freelancer, really), casting wide nets and keeping active is of the essence: attend industry events, join writing groups, participate in online forums, and get involved in local business communities. These platforms can provide you with the opportunity to meet potential clients and build relationships that can lead to writing gigs. You can also volunteer as a copywriter for your local shelter, church, or animal human society – you never know if by giving back to society, life will pay it forward to you and someone may refer you for a paid gig.

Keep in mind that networking is not just about selling your services, it’s about building meaningful relationships. The more relationships you establish, the more likely you are to be recommended or referred to potential clients by your contacts. Present yourself as a professional, dependable, and enthusiastic freelance copywriter, and your reputation itself will start making people come to you.

2. Leverage Social Media Platforms

leveraging social media is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

Another effective way to find clients as a freelance copywriter is by leveraging social media platforms. LinkedIn is the obvious choice here, especially following the first point above about networking and building relationship to find clients as a freelance copywriter, but there are also other methods that will help you find more leads outside of your network. Instagram, and TikTok can serve as excellent platforms for showcasing your talent and attracting potential clients. Speaking particularly about Instagram and TikTok, harness the power of short-form video to put out interesting short content about copywriting (for example, case studies), and always finish your videos with a phrase such as “and don’t forget that I can also help you draft copy that will translate into results”.

For more traditional social media, like the aforementioned LinkedIn, your profiles should clearly indicate that you’re a freelance copywriter looking for work and who has a track-record of delivering results (we wrote an article with tips for your LinkedIn profile!). Regularly post examples of your writing, share valuable content related to copywriting, and engage with those who comment on your posts. Use statistics and case-studies wherever possible. This will not only establish your online presence but also help you build trust and credibility among your audience. You can also use these platforms to reach out to potential clients directly, which leads us to our next point.

3. Cold Outreach

cold outreach is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

Cold outreach involves reaching out to potential clients directly, even if they’re not currently advertising any copywriting positions. This proactive approach can help you find clients as a freelance copywriter that may not have realized they needed your services. Start by identifying businesses that could benefit from your copywriting services, then craft a compelling pitch that addresses their needs and how your services can provide a solution. While it requires more effort, cold pitching can lead to long-term client relationships and recurring work.

As an example of something that worked for a member of our very own team at RGBLatte in finding clients as a freelance copywriter: Our colleague wanted to support the local economy by purchasing a locally-made and sustainable garment. They found a small business in our region with exactly the garment they were looking for. After ordering and being satisfied with the results, they wrote to the business letting them know that they loved the product but that as a customer, the copy of their online ads and their website was not very clear. The business owner replied saying that they were thankful for the feedback and that being a one-man show running the business and the marketing, they were actually looking to grow their team. Our team member had found a gig there and then!

4. Create a High-Quality Portfolio

having a creative portfolio is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

A well-curated portfolio can be an incredible asset when trying to find clients as a freelance copywriter. This portfolio should showcase your best work and provide insight into your writing style, areas of expertise, and the kind of results you can deliver. In our digital age, many copywriting gigs require the copywriter to be familiar with the concepts of SEO copywriting, so if you are looking for copywriting gigs for websites, make sure that your portfolio clearly indicates that your work includes SEO copywriting (an article that was meant to rank organically for a commercial blog, for example.). If you have focus rather on copywriting for packaging, make sure to include pictures of how your text appeared in the final product, as it will show your process in capturing the brief from the marketing team and how the end result looked for the client.

Your portfolio should be easily accessible, either on your personal website or a platform designed for portfolios. While creating your portfolio, ensure it is professional, easy to navigate, and impresses potential clients at a glance (you can check out some tips on how to create a copywriting portfolio here).

5. Use Freelancing Platforms

platforms like upwork are a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter
Image via Upwork.com

Using freelancing platforms is another effective method to find clients as a freelance copywriter. Platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to create a profile, showcase your portfolio, and bid on jobs that match your skills. While competition on freelancing websites can be high, they can provide you with access to a wide variety of businesses and individuals looking for copywriting services. Always ensure that your proposals are personalized and show potential clients that you understand their needs.

Our tip? Don’t skimp on self-promotion for specific skills that make you stand out from the competition! Are you fluent in a second language? Then make sure that you clearly state your bilingualism and that you look for clients that are actively in need of copywriting in the language your speak (or who need to translate their current copy!). Have you focused on SEO copywriting and delivered content that helped your clients rank better on organic search? Mention it and list a few of your achievements in a bullet point!

Finding clients as a freelance copywriter requires a blend of creativity, determination, and strategic planning. By leveraging social media, networking effectively, creating a stellar portfolio, using freelancing platforms, and embracing cold pitching, you can establish a steady network and find clients as a freelance copywriting . Remember, every successful copywriter was once in the position you’re in now. So, stay consistent, keep improving, and you’ll eventually reap the fruits of your hard work. If you are already a freelance writer, why not check out our article on the 7 common mistakes that freelance digital marketers make? All the principles apply to freelance copywriters, too! If you are not a copywriter yet but would like to get into it, may we suggest our article with 7 copy formulas to help you become a copywriter?

Cover and article images via Unsplash.

5 Websites to find free stock video2023-11-23T14:18:11+00:00

Whether you are a content creator, a marketer, or a small business owner, high-quality visuals can play a critical role in capturing your audience’s attention. Moreover, video has been increasing in its importance for marketing – statistics show that more than ever before, users and consumers want to see their brands use video as a main pillar of content and interaction with them. This is not only impactful for marketing managers – influencers and creators are a pillar of video marketing, and they also are in need of free stock videos to create high quality and compelling audiovisual material, be it for their YouTube channels, TikTok, or livestreams. If you are already thinking about renting a fancy video camera and studio-level lighting gear – keep reading as we tell you about something that will save you infinite time and money: free stock video.

Filming and producing high-quality videos can be expensive and time-consuming, and this is where free stock videos come to the rescue. Stock videos are ready-to-use assets that you can incorporate into your projects, saving you both time and resources. In our experience, resorting to stock videos for footage that you do not really have to personally capture frees up time and money that you can dedicate to other aspects of the creative process. In this article, we share five websites where you can find free stock video content that is safe to use for your projects (that is, that will give you no copyright strikes or any similar issues!). One last note on this very topic: it is still your responsibility to check the usage rights of each asset from these free stock video websites – sometimes it varies from asset to asset, sometimes you will need some sort of attribution, sometimes each page may offer a paid tier for extra licensing permits… so always make sure to double-check, especially if your use of the free stock video you download will be commercial!

1. Pexels

Pexels is one of the most popular online stock banks for free stock video content (though it is widely known for its images, too!). It boasts a vast library, hosting thousands of videos that come in various themes and styles, which are easy to navigate given its categories and search bar features. You can use these videos for different purposes, such as advertisements, social media posts, website backgrounds, and more. The site is user-friendly; you can easily search for videos using keywords or by browsing through different categories. The best part about Pexels is all their content is under the Pexels license, meaning you can use the videos for free, even for commercial purposes, without needing to provide attribution.

Visit Pexels Video here.

2. Pixabay

Next on our list is Pixabay. This platform is a treasure trove of over 1.7 million high-quality free photos, free vectors, and free stock videos. Pixabay’s free stock video collection is diverse, ranging from nature scenes and cityscapes to business and technology clips, all extremely popular subjects for people searching for free stock videos for their projects. Like Pexels, the videos on Pixabay are free to use without attribution, thanks to their Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This makes Pixabay a convenient source of free stock video for both personal and commercial projects. In addition to the stock photos, vectors, vectors, and video, Pixabay also has free stock illustrations, free stock music and sound effects, and free GIF’s – we just felt like adding this fact to convince you to keep this page bookmarked as part of your creative arsenal!

Visit Pixabay Video here.

3. Videvo

Videvo is another excellent source of free stock videos. The site offers thousands of clips, motion graphics, and animations. Their videos are of high quality and are available in HD and 4K resolution. What sets Videvo apart is its range of licensing options. Some videos are available under a Royalty-Free license, allowing you to use them without attribution. However, others may require you to credit the original creator. As we mentioned, it is thus important to check the license details for each video. In addition to their free stock video library (which is what made Videvo famous to begin with!), this website has also expanded to offer free stock music, free stock sound effects, and video editing templates. Since 2022 it has belonged to the Freepik family of brands, so we’re excited to know what’s in store for this website in the future!

Visit Videvo here.

4. Coverr

If you’re looking for free stock video footage specifically for website backgrounds, Coverr is the platform for you. Created by Yoav Hornung (from Fiverr fame), it was originally a way for the owner to share B-roll for free, especially since it was beautiful as cover videos for websites – hence the name. Coverr provides beautiful, high-quality videos that are perfect for adding visual interest to your website. The library is categorized into themes like nature, technology, food, and people, making it easy for you to find the perfect match for your projects. Despite being free, the videos from Coverr are professional and high-quality, which can help in elevating the overall look of your audiovisual assets – definitely bookmark-worthy!

Visit Coverr here.

5. Life of Vids

free stock videos from lifeofvids

Last but not least, Life of Vids is a lesser-known but valuable resource for free stock video. This site, created by a design and marketing agency, provides unique, high-quality videos with no copyright restrictions. Their video collection might not be as extensive as the others, but their content is visually striking and creative, making it worth checking out. This site also get extra points from our team for its sleek and modern design, which truly stands out from the rest of free stock video libraries!

Visit Life of Vids here.

With the growing importance of audiovisual content as a preferred media for viewers, having a go-to resource for free stock video can be a game-changer. Whether it’s for your website, your creator channel or account, a marketing campaign, or a social media post, these five platforms – Pexels, Pixabay, Videvo, Coverr, and Life of Vids – provide virtually infinite amounts of high-quality, royalty-free video content to suit your needs and that is safe to use. We strongly encourage that you bookmark these page so next time you need a video for your project, don’t fret about the cost or time involved in producing one. Instead, take advantage of these free videos that are presented in easy-to-download and universal formats and find the create the perfect audiovisual support to your projects!

We also have an amazing free b-roll video gallery – you can click on each thumbnail and you’ll be taken to the page to download it!

10+ Free tools to generate rainbow gradients (and other types too!)2023-10-16T19:38:20+00:00

Color gradients, also known as color ramps and color progressions, are a transition of one or more shades of colors. This technique is very useful for web and graphic designers, and one which you have probably seen or even used! In this article, we will write a quick recap of what the main types of gradients are (including the always-fun rainbow gradients!), and a list of sites where you can find free tools that generate CSS gradients or downloadable gradient images for web and graphic designers.

The basic types of color of gradients:

There are a few gradient options that can really add to your design. A well-executed gradient creates a harmonious, pleasant effect for the viewer:

gucci beauty foundation
Gucci Beauty’s website uses a subtle background gradient – it’s simple and attractive! Image © via Awwwards.

However, the principle of “less is more” applies heavily to gradients: if your gradient is too intense and uses too many colors, it will break your design and will make it an eyesore:

ugly color rainbow gradients
This color gradient will make the viewer want to look away immediately. Avoid anything similar!


linear gradient
Linear gradients just have stripes that can repeat in any continuity and at any angle. We’ve exaggerated this pattern a bit to make it more obvious.


radial color gradient
Radial color gradients have colors radiating from a focal point

Angle or Conic Rainbow Gradient

Angle color gradient
Angle color gradients have the gradient pouring out from a specific angle – in this conical form, you can see something similar to Apple’s loading wheel (Image via CSS-tricks)


Reflected color gradient
Reflected color gradient simply reflects a gradient in a mirror-like way at a specific point


diamond color gradient
Diamond color gradients are a radial gradient which spread out from a focal point in an angular, diamond-like shape

Of course, there are other types gradients that you can apply to your designs. You can mix and match gradient types and colors to create several effects, from simulating skies (including sunrises, sunsets, and clouds)…

cloud color gradient

A simple white-to-light blue linear gradient can simulate an early morning sky with a few cloudsTo create the illusion of metal textures:

metal texture gradient
Believe it or not, this simulated metal texture is nothing more than a few different gradients placed together. Image created by Bel Santos on Publicdomainpictures.net).

You can easily create gradients on graphic applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. However, there are several websites and tools out there that will help you create gradients and unique color hues to apply to your creative projects. Twitter user and web developer @Mazdadev shares incredible creative resources on his twitter account, including this list of 13 Free Gradient tools for web and graphic designers. You will be able to get the gradients produced in CSS format for your website, or use them directly on other graphic projects.  We share them with you below, as well as a few of our favourite gradients found in each of them!

Websites to Generate Free Gradients

1.Web Gradients

WebGradients is a collection of 180 free linear gradients that you can use as content backdrops in any part of your website. It allows you to copy CSS3 cross-browser code and use it within seconds! They have also prepared a .PNG version of each gradient, PLUS packs for Sketch & Photoshop.


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

2. Grabient

An interactive gradient creator that allows you to create linear gradients with up to 6 colors, modify the angle of the gradient, and copy the CSS code with one click.


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.


This page allows you to create your own gradients and either get the CSS code, or download them in .jpg format. There is a large gallery of existing gradients, to which you can contribute by uploading your own creations!


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

4. HyperColor

A collection of gradients using the full range of Tailwind CSS colors. Just copy and paste the class names, CSS, or simply save the gradients as an image. It allows you to customize the pre-set gradients, as well as create additional styles such as mesh and grainy gradients.


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

5. Gradient King

Browse through a gallery of gradients based on color themes. A neat feature: it allows you to upload images and create gradients based on the color pallets.


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

6. CoolHue 2.o.

A very straightforward gallery of gradients. You can download them as .png files or copy the CSS3 code to your clipboard. It offers a plugin compatible with Sketch App and Figma so you can use the gradients directly in them!

CoolHue 2.0.
CoolHue 2.0.

Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

7. GradientHunt

Gradient Hunt is another no-frills page offering you a gallery of pre-made gradients which you can download as a .png. It is open-source, which means you can create gradients and add them to the gallery, too. It offers a Chrome Extension. While it is fully free, you can also purchase a Photoshop plugin with over 500 gradients for $19.99.

Gradient Hunt
Gradient Hunt

Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

8. CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient is a free gradient generator that lets you create gradient backgrounds for websites. Besides being a css gradient generator, the site also offers color-related content in their blog. The easy UX allows you to get right into the action and start having fun with gradients.

CSS Gradient
CSS Gradient

Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

9.Gradient Png

Another intuitive gradient creator. Add up to 5 colors, move their positions around, change their weight, among other options. Have fun with the random mode – and then download the gradient of your creation as a .png or grab the CSS code that is automatically created.


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.


One of our favorite websites due to the brilliant UX – it simply makes generating a gradient incredibly fun. Chose the gradient direction and the colors, and see the result of your creation! You can also browse through palettes, of which you can take the color HEX code and generate a gradient.

Generate a CSS Color Gradient with 2 or 3 colors. Change directions and copy the CSS code when ready.


Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

11.Color Gradient Generator

This tool generates CSS color gradients, which can be used for backgrounds and UI elements. The UX is not the friendliest, so there’s a learning curve to generate your own. You can also browse through the gradient gallery and find several pre-made ones.

color gradient generator
Color Gradient Generator

Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

12.Gradient Generator

This CSS gradient generator is on the more advanced end. It is a project by Josh W. Comeau, and offers more specific customization options such as color mode and easing curve. Read the accompanying blog post from the author here.

Gradient Generator by Josh W. Comeau
Gradient Generator by Josh W. Comeau

Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

13.CSS Gradient Generator

Another brilliantly designed page that will make gradient creation very fun. It offers linear and radial color gradients – and allows you to export their CSS code with colors in HEX or RGB format.

Create linear and radial gradients. Experiment with random color modes and edit gradient directions. Switch between HEX and RGBA modes. Scroll down in the homepage for lengthy information on CSS gradients.

CSS Gradient Generator
CSS Gradient Generator

Visit (and bookmark them!) here.

Some extra color gradient inspiration

At RGBLatte we love all sorts of gradients. Here are some of our favourite combinations, linking to a few extra pages pages where you can download them as FREE royalty-free images that are ready-to-use in your projects!

Rainbow Gradient Backgrounds – Freepik.com

What is not to love about rainbow gradient backgrounds? You may set them as wallpapers on your devices, or use them for projects as beautiful backdrops to add a pop of color to your designs. Get a large variety of rainbow gradient backgrounds on Freepik.com!

Pastel Rainbow Gradients – Vecteezy.com

In the battle of Neon vs. Pastels – we will always choose pastels. And when pastels are arranged in pastel rainbow gradients, it is dreamy, fairy-like magic. Get free pastel rainbow gradients on Vecteezy.com!

Pride Rainbow Gradients – Unsplash.com

Some consider June to be pride month. We think it is always great to celebrate pride, especially since all the colors of the Pride flag look amazing together as Pride rainbow gradients. Find free Pride Rainbow Gradient images on Unsplash.com!

And that’s it for this post! Gradients are absolutely beautiful and can really elevate your web and graphic design projects when used in the right way. Make sure to follow @Mazdadev on Twitter for more amazing lists of resources like this one! Cover image via Webgradients.com

We also invite you to take a look at our free downloads section. Mix and match all the great free resources you’ll find there and become a design pro (without breaking the bank)!

Why you need a portable green screen (+our top 6 recommendations!)2023-11-22T16:50:17+00:00

If you are a film enthusiast, you have surely heard of the term “green screen”.  This simple special effect is an indispensable tool in the film and video, and it’s used from the largest cinematic productions to low level marketing that you may see while scrolling social media. From its origins to its current iterations, this technique has enabled content creators to push the boundaries of their productions by easily replacing individual items or entire backdrops in their post-production process. In this article, we will briefly talk about the green screen technique, how it is used in video projects of all scopes, and how a portable green screen can help you leverage this technology from no matter where!

The History of Green Screen

The green screen technique, also known as chroma key, dates back by several decades. It’s first uses took place in the late 19th century and it has seen non-stop development since then (check out a timeline of chromakeying in cinema here!). These changes included the change from what originally was a blue screen into the green screen we are familiar with in the 1970’s. Why green? Well, the neon green hue used is chromatically the farthest away from human skin, which made it a natural choice for film, cinema, and television.

The uses given to this technique are endless. Weather forecasts on TV have the presenter stand in front of a green screen, which is replaced with the animated weather maps you see on screen. Major Hollywood blockbusters use green screen too. With the revolution and democratization of technology, now anyone can use green screen at home – all it takes is footage with a green-screen element that you want to replace during post-production using your favorite video editing software.

The Benefits of Using Green Screen in your Productions

Whether you are shooting a film, a documentary, an advertising, and no matter the budget and scope of your project, a green screen will almost always result in reduced production costs and hours of saved time. You can dedicate all the saved time and resources to bring your project to the next level during post-production, which will result in a project that looks impressive an expensive without having broken the bank on your end. Here is a list of some of the benefits of opting for a green screen:

Save time and money: Using a green screen in your video projects and productions saves time and money by avoiding the need to build expensive and elaborate physical sets. It also makes it easier to work with actors and extras, since it is not necessary to move them to different locations.

Greater creative control:  Green screen gives you total control over the visual elements of a scene. This makes it possible to create scenarios and environments that would otherwise be impossible or extremely costly to achieve.

Simplified post-production: Thanks to green screen, it is possible to make changes to the background or add visual effects in post-production without having to re-record a scene. This simplifies the process and provides greater flexibility to adjust and refine the final product.

The Rise of portable green screens

The democratization of technology in the past decades means that high quality cameras, powerful post-production software, and special effects are no longer reserved for big budget Hollywood productions. This is one of the reasons why portable green screens have become increasingly popular. Portable green screens are what their name says: a green screen backdrop that can be easily transported and mounted according to the needs of a production, allowing content creators to take their studio wherever they need to go. Using a portable green screen will offer you several advantages, including:

Ease of use: Portable green screens are often easy to set up and take down, making them easy to use in different locations and situations.

Versatility: Portable green screens can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing filmmakers and advertisers to adapt to the needs of their projects.

Cost-effectiveness: Portable green screens are affordable, making them a more accessible option for small and medium-sized productions.

The uses for these portable green screens are nearly infinite. Not only does chromakeying allow you to change a backgrounds for scenes, but it can also help you remove an object or part of a set you don’t want to. We recommend you check the video below for several ideas of all sort of special effects you can try with a portable green screen:

A couple points before moving forward:

Is it better to buy a portable green screen on Amazon or in a specialty site?

It really depends on your needs. You can buy a portable screen on Amazon that does the trick perfectly for your intended purpose. If you are just getting started with chromakeying, or are just looking for something to use at home, buying a green screen on Amazon is a great option (even if it may not be the sturdiest or best quality portable green screen). If you are more advanced or need something more special (i.e. a larger size, an infinity screen format, a size and format where you need it in blue vs. green screen), then a speciality video production retailer or website will be best).

How to fold portable green screen

As their name implies, portable green screens are meant to be easily wrapped and transported from place to place. Each model has their own way of being folded for storage or transporting, but either they fold into the top supporting tube (much like those old-school projector screens that we had in classrooms), or they fold into themselves to be neatly tucked away into their carrier. Depending on the size, some portable green screens will fold into the size of a briefcase, but larger ones require methods to fold the portable green screen that will still make them a larger prop to carry around with the aid of a vehicle.

Our Favorite Portable Green Screens:

Here’s a selection of our favorite portable green screens. They are affordable, high quality, and will get you replicating this technique at home and outdoors in no time!

Some factors that we considered when compiling this list, but that you should also take into account based on your needs are the following: Price/Quality Ratio, Shape and Size, and Intended Use. We are starting the list with the more affordable options, which also mean that they will have limited uses in terms of portability and sturdiness and may be more geared towards beginner or at-home use. Towards the end we are showing the more high-end options for professionals who need equipment that can stand heavy use and wear and tear. Please note that prices are based on current US prices and are subject to change depending on your location and current retailer offers.

1. Heysliy Green Screen Backdrop with Stand Kit (~USD $40)

Heysliy Green Screen Backdrop with Stand Kit

A very affordable entry level portable green screen. This simple model is ideal for anyone in need of a portable chroma key solution for video production, streaming, or photography. This 5×7 feet green screen is made of high-quality polyester material that will provide a reliable and wrinkle-free background for professional results. The collapsible, spring-steel frame allows for easy setup and takedown, making it perfect for on-the-go content creators (however, given the price point, we do recommend it for indoor use only as it likely is not sturdy enough for outdoor shoots with weather elements and strong winds). It’s perfect if you have just gotten started with video and want to practice background replacement and visual effects.

Get it on Amazon.com

2. FotodioX Collapsible Portable Background with Stand (USD $69.95)

Image via FotodioX

We are genuinely impressed with the versatility and convenience of this second entry-level entry in our list. This compact backdrop features chroma blue on one side and chroma green on the other (read more about when to use green vs. blue backgrounds for chromakeying). Its size is perfect for a home studio – be it to photograph small to medium sized items or a person from the torso up. It is also easily foldable for transportation or storage (carrying bag is included)! The adjustable metal stand can be set at different heights and the material will ensure that there are no folds or creases in the backdrop, so you won’t have issues in post-production.

Get it at B&H Video

3. Westcott X-Drop Portable Green Screen (~ USD $119.00)

Image via Westcott

The Westcott X-Drop Portable Green Screen Kit delivers in every aspect, providing a high-quality green screen that’s both lightweight and cost-effective. The 5×7 feet screen is ideal for medium-sized objects and subjects – and the steel frame is sturdy enough to be used indoors and outdoors. If you are afraid that outdoors will make the backdrop screen dirty, the material is fully washable (in cold water)! It is a great mid-range option if you don’t want to limit yourself by screen size and indoor-only usability.

Get it at Amazon, B&H Video, or Adorama.com

4. Impact Super Collapsible Background (USD $114.95 $84.95)

Impact Super Collapsible Background

This affordable portable green screen is ideal for content creators and professionals alike, especially to create a green screen backdrop in an indoor space (although it can be used outdoors too). Its shape ensures versatility for shots, as it can be used for anything from headshots to a vertical full-body shoot to even an infinity green screen backdrop. As expected, the collapsible design makes it incredibly easy to set up and transport. At 8×16 feet, this portable green screen provides ample coverage for various shooting scenarios. Very importantly, the high-quality, wrinkle-resistant fabric ensures minimal post-production efforts in editing out creases or shadows. Moreover, the durable frame is built to last and withstand frequent use.

Get it at B&H Video

5. Atrix portable green screen with tripod stand (~USD $139.99 $86.97)

The Atrix portable green screen with tripod stand is a beloved choice among gamers (no wonder that it is a GameStop exclusive!). The Atrix portable green screen with tripod stand is an incredibly versatile Green Screen backdrop tailored for streamers, podcasters, and entertainers who want to turn their at-home studio into amazing backgrounds for their content. It uses top-tier anti-wrinkle fabric and a robust frame, which ensures a seamless backdrop for enhanced chromakeying quality. It has an adjustable height and dual landscape/portrait orientation modes. Setting up and packing down is a breeze, making it incredibly portable. To boot, it comes with a sturdy carrying case for secure storage and effortless travel!

Atrix Portable Green Screen with Tripod Stand
Image via GameStop

Get it on GameStop

6. Manfrotto 13′ Panoramic Background (USD $729.88)

Manfrotto 13' Panoramic Background
We felt compelled to add this image so you truly see the scale of this portable green screen. Image via Adorama.com

We end this list with this truly pro portable green screen. We use the word “portable” lightly as it a truly large screen perfect for replacing the background of entire scenes or blocking large elements in post production. It can be used for video shooting as well as for photography where large props or groups or people are involved. The sturdy and collapsible aluminum frame will make sure that your background is fixed in your shoots and won’t bend or break. One of the neatest features it how simply it collapses and folds into an included carry bag. If you have a large home-studio, rent spaces to shoot which you need to quickly transform into a studio with a green screen, or do a lot of outdoor shoots, this is the portable green screen for you!

Get it on Adorama.com

No matter if amateur or advanced, selecting the ideal portable green screen is crucial for photographers and videographers looking to enhance the quality and versatility of their work. Our five recommendations in this article offer a range of options to cater to your specific needs, whether it’s for professional shoots or personal projects, the nature of your projects, and your budget. Don’t forget to also take into account factors such as size, ease of use, and durability. With the right backdrop in your toolkit, you can unlock endless possibilities for your audiovisual projects.


If you are interested in video production and editing, why not check out our gallery of b roll video, which is ideal for all your editing projects?

To wrap things up, here are some frequently asked questions about portable green screens:

Are cheap green screens worth it?

Portable green screens come in all price ranges. Some are very cheap, some are expensive and reserved for big-budget projects. If you are asking yourself if a cheap green screen is worth it, the only answer is: it depends on your intended use. If you plan to use it as a backdrop at home for your YouTube or TikTok videos, a cheap model will do the trick (as long as the fabric stays stretched to avoid any wrinkling that can cause trouble in post-production). Now, if you need a very dependable green screen that you can take out on outdoor shoots or for large-scale productions, you will want to invest in a portable green screen with a case, a sturdy frame, and thick, durable, and washable fabric.

What can I use instead of a green screen?

A green screen is really just a background for a technique called chromakeying. Basically you record against a high-contrast background (green or blue), which you will then replace by any other background during the post-production process. In this sense, you can literally use a well-stretched piece of neon green or neon blue fabric as a background to achieve the same effect. While this is a neat little experiment, we do recommend an actual green screen for any serious project where you don’t want to compromise quality.

Do green screens really work?

Green screens work great and are used in the fanciest of Hollywood productions – if done right. If your illumination is off, if your green screen does not cover the whole background of your shoot, or if there are wrinkles or discolouration on the fabric, you will not achieve the desired effect.

Are blue screens better than green screens?

Green screens and blue screens seem to be interchangeably used for chromakeying. Actually, if you are shooting outside or in a very well-lit space, you will want to go for a green screen, as it has more luminosity and will therefore work best for the desired effect. A blue screen is works just as well for scenes where you do not have or need so much light.


Where to buy cheap Washi Tape (plus a few project ideas!)2023-10-13T22:13:52+00:00

Today’s article is about a topic that creative people will love – arts and crafts! We have talked about the importance of a creative hobby. The benefits of a hobby are plenty and backed by science and studies: improved wellness, reduced stress, improved mental health – and a break from the stress that an office job or freelancing can bring. The high correlation between We were inspired to write an article on where to find cute coloring pages to print – and now we want to pass to our next project: Washi Tape projects a list of where to buy cheap Washi tape.

Just a note to explain what we consider “cheap” when talking about  Washi Tape. Whenever we’ve seen Washi Tape in speciality stores (be it arts-and-crafts, stationary, or Japanese shops, we’ve noted that Washi Tape can set you back upwards of $4.99 dollars (and the equivalent in other currencies per roll. We shall then consider anything below, or hopefully, way below this benchmark as “cheap Washi Tape)”!

What is Washi Tape?

Let’s start with the basics in case you don’t Washi tape is a type of decorative adhesive tape that has become very popular in craft and decorating projects. This tape is mainly made from rice paper (hence the name “washi”, which means “Japanese paper”), although it can sometimes also contain other materials such as natural or synthetic fibers. While our team thought that Washi tape, as other Japanese materials, had been around for ages, we were surprised to learn that it was actually invented in 2006!

washi tape from japan is not cheap washi tape
High end Washi Tape from Japan – it comes at a price and we don’t consider it to be cheap Washi Tape! Image via JPSquare

Washi tape is characterized by colorful and varied patterns and designs, making it ideal for adding a decorative touch to a wide variety of objects and surfaces. It is commonly used in scrapbooking projects, card making, gift wrapping, diary and notebook decorating, as well as for personalizing objects such as lamps, photo frames, bottles and much more. It comes in different lengths and widths, as well as in a continuous ribbon or separate “stickers” wrapped together.

One of the advantages of washi tape is that it is easy to use and remove, so it does not damage surfaces or leave a sticky residue. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors and designs, making it a versatile tool for creativity and artistic expression. Washi Tape can be an expensive material, so we wanted to really show you where to find cheap Washi Tape for your next project.

Where to get Cheap Washi Tape?

Let’s now dive into a few options where our team has found high-quality and beautiful Washi Tape that while saving a pretty penny on this otherwise pricey craft item. We understand that there are different grades of “Washi Tape” and while purists will want to stick to (and pay the price for) actual Japanese Washi tape, we have found that other alternatives do the trick just find. Here are our finds:

Cheap Washi Tape Option 1: Amazon.com

Amazon needs no introduction and it’s present in several countries. A quick search for “Washi Tape Set” shows you bundles of several beautiful and affordable Washi Tape roll bundles that, in the best deals, lets you pay ~$0.22 USD cents per roll! If that is not cheap Washi Tape, we don’t know what is!

Cheap Washi Tape from Amazon

Cheap Washi Tape Option 2: Temu

Temu is a relatively newcomer online shopping platform. We have recently been browsing for arts and crafts supplies here and we’ve found a treasure trove of art supplies, including cheap Washi Tape. Just go to Temu (or download the app) and search for “Washi Tape” to see the truly vast amount of cheap Washi Tape and other magical art supplies that they have (Warning: you may fall into a creative rabbit hole).

By clicking on this link before placing your first order, you will receive a $100 coupon bundle. We were sceptical at first since it ships from China, but we ordered a bunch of art supplies from Temu, including affordable Washi Tape, and we received our full order of actually high-quality art materials to North America within 3 weeks (actually, it was two days after their estimated delivery date, and they gave us a $5 credit note as an apology!).

cheap washi tape on Temu

Cheap Washi Tape Option 3: Etsy

Etsy has long established itself as THE marketplace for DIY and hand-made objects and materials. We searched for “cheap Washi Tape” in our region (North America) and found a bit of everything. The best deals are Washi Tape bundles and sets, followed by individual rolls priced at around $3 (and equivalent in other currencies), and also the typical prices expected and that we’re used to seeing in specialty stores. The good news is that you can find whatever ships locally from your region just to make sure that you’re not being dropshipped and that you’ll be able to track your order!

cheap washi tape from Etsy

Cheap Washi Tape Option 4: Michael’s

Michael’s is a creative person’s dream by the sheer amount of creative materials they have. They have a huge selection of Washi Tape, and, while the regular prices reflect the standard prices you’d expect for this material, they also have a permanent “40% off on any full-priced item” coupon plus a bunch of additional seasonal and limited-time sales. Our tip to get cheap Washi Tape from Michael’s? Purchase a large bundle pack of regular-priced Washi Tape using their 40% coupon valid on any regular price item, and also take advantage of seasonal discounts for Halloween Washi Tape, Christmas Washi Tape, Spring Washi Tape, Easter Washi Tape, etc!

cheap washi tape from michaels

Cheap Washi Tape Option 5: Do It Yourself

Method 1 (for really cheap Washi Tape)

The fabulously creative Nina Ribena’s YouTube channel teaches you how to make a bunch of cheap Washi Tape at home. We link the video below, but in summary, you take craft paper, glue one side to a sheet of double-sided sticky tape, then proceed to decorate the craft paper in whatever creative pattern you want with the aid of paint, stamps, stickers, etc. Then you cut the results in large horizontal stripes (we suggest using a paper cutter), and voilà – unique and dirt cheap Washi Tape!


Method 2 (for cheap Washi Tape with a small upfront investment)

There is a second method that combines the first method for dirt cheap Washi Tape from above but adds a technological twist to it. You take craft paper and apply a large sheet of double-sided sticky tape on what will be the back side, then you use the wonder that Michael’s PrintMaker printer is to print several colorful lines across the paper before cutting it into your customized cheap Washi Tape!

The printer costs around ~$168 USD, but if you remember well, Michael’s always has a 40% coupon applicable on any full-priced item – why not use it to get this neat printer that you can use for several other projects too!?


Cheap Washi Tape Option 6: Find Local Suppliers Online

There are local online suppliers that we’ve found that offer reasonably-priced (i.e. cheap Washi tape). The key is looking for suppliers that offer wholesale prices and not speciality online retailers. If you are lucky enough to be in the USA, or have a friend you can ship it to, consider Washitape.com, which offers some of the most competitive prices.

cheap washi tape from Washitape.com

What Will I Do With So Much Cheap Washi Tape?!

You’ve got your awesome cheap Washi Tape, now what?! Well, GO WILD! There are so many fun uses for this craft material and the best inspiration we have found is on YouTube.

Washi Tape Ideas for Bullet Journals


Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making


Washi Tape Ideas for General Crafting


We hope you enjoyed these suggestions to buy Washi Tape. As we said, it is important for everyone to have a hobby to distract your mind from the day-to-day stress from work or freelancing gigs. Stick around for more creative articles like this, we put a lot of heart into them, especially because we love DIY and arts and crafts ourselves!

Be it for DIY or professional projects, may we suggest you take a look at our articles on 10 Free Old Money Aesthetic Fonts, as well as our compilation of 100+ FREE Fonts, including Wedding, Christmas, Futuristic, Number Fonts, and more!

8 FREE pages with Winter, Fall, Pastel, Green Color Palettes, and more!2023-08-24T13:03:39+00:00

You’ve probably heard of the term “color palette”. It’s a tool that has several uses in the creative and digital worlds. At its simplest, it’s a predetermined set of colors that is used in a project – be it a website, a brand identity, or even a film. There are even instances where a color palette is nothing more than an inspiration guide for a project, including getting dressed. If you have ever heard that orange, brown, beige and gray are autumn colors and consequently you have chosen clothes in these colors, then you have created outfits with an autumn color palette. There is a color palette for everything you can imagine: Winter, fall, summer, neon, pastel, green color palettes…. in this article we share with you several pages where you can find pre-set color palettes and generate some yourself, too!

We’ve shared articles on color theory and color tools in the past – including our list of tools to generate color gradients. As we did in that article, we’ll start with a little bit of background on color palettes and some suggestions for practical, design-related uses for the color palettes you’ll be able to generate with the pages we share with you below (for example, generate a beautiful green color palette as inspiration for relaxing and calm interior design!) . Color palettes are powerful tools in creative fields, as they allow designers and artists to communicate effectively, establish a visual identity, and evoke specific emotions or responses from their audience. Practical uses include:

  • Visual Branding: Color plays a crucial role in establishing brand identity and recognition. Companies often create a color palette that represents their brand values and personality. This palette is used consistently across their logo, website, packaging and marketing materials.
  • Graphic Design: Designers use color palettes to create visually appealing compositions. By selecting colors that harmonize well with each other, they can enhance the overall aesthetic and convey the desired message. Palettes can evoke different emotions and moods, such as calm, excitement or sophistication.
  • Web Design: Color palettes are essential for creating attractive and user-friendly websites. They help guide users through different sections, highlight important elements and create a cohesive visual experience. Web designers consider factors such as accessibility, contrast and readability when selecting color palettes for websites.
  • Interior Design: Color palettes are used in interior design to establish the mood and style of a space. By choosing a specific color scheme, designers can create a cohesive look and feel to a room or an entire architectural project. Different color schemes can evoke different moods and create different effects, such as warm and cozy or cool and contemporary (as we said, a green color palette is always in style and evokes feelings of nature, calm, and relaxation!).
  • Fashion and textile design: Color palettes are used in the fashion industry to create cohesive collections and designs. Fashion designers select color combinations that reflect the season, trends and desired aesthetic. Textile designers also use color palettes to create patterns and prints for fabrics (if this topic interests you, you can read more about color applied to fashion here).
  • Art: Artists often use color palettes to establish the mood and atmosphere of their works. They select colors that blend harmoniously and evoke the emotions or impressions they want to convey. Color palettes can be used to create realistic or abstract compositions, and play an important role in setting the overall tone of a painting.
  • Photography and Cinema: Color palettes in photography and film play a crucial role in conveying emotion, creating mood and enhancing storytelling. This includes elements such as color symbolism and evoking a particular era or location (you can read more about color palettes in film here).
You will certainly recognize a few of these movies! Green color palettes in film can evoke nature, immaturity, corruption, ominous feelings, darkness, and danger.

8 free pages to find or create color palettes


colorhunt color palette generator

Founded by Gal Shir, Color Hunt is an open collection of color palettes. This tool serves thousands of color schemes for many different design and art purposes. The color palettes are used by web developers, artists, illustrators, graphic designers, fashion designers, interior designers, marketing professionals, etc. What we like is that it shows several color palettes pre-determined by themes (like vintage, neon, summer…) and that when you select a palette, you find the HEX and RGB values of each hue you see. It also has a Chrome extension, which opens a new color palette with each new tab you open in your browser!

Visit Colorhunt.co here.


coolors color palette generator
coolors color palette generator

Coolors.co is a website that you can use to generate color palettes in a very simple and fun way. All you have to do is press the space bar and you will get a selection of color palettes. If you don’t like the current one, you can press the space bar again and it will give you a new one. The combination possibilities are endless. Each time you generate a new color palette, you can “lock” any of the colors so that they remain fixed while you keep regenerating new ones in the bars you haven’t locked. Another feature we love is the ability to upload a photo and create a palette based on it. There are other advanced tools such as modifying the brightness and saturation of the palette. A paid version is offered (at an absolutely affordable price) that allows you to generate palettes of more than 5 colors, save unlimited collections of palettes, remove advertising, among others.

Visit Coolors.co here.

Canva Color Palette Generator

generador de paleta de colores de Canva

If you want to generate a color scheme that perfectly matches your favorite images, you can use Canva’s color palette generator. It allows you to create color palettes in seconds from any photo you choose to upload to the tool. Nothing too sophisticated, but interesting and useful.

Visit Canva’s Color Palette Generator here.


generador de paleta de colores colorspace

MyColor.Space is a free tool that creates beautiful color palettes for its users. It is very intuitive for the user and lets you create several color palettes based on one color (although they have just released a new tool that allows you to do it from three colors!) The colors from which the palette is generated can be chosen with an eyedropper in a range of colors, or by entering a HEX value, and the color palettes generated include a generic one, one of matching colors, one with shades of gray similar to the chosen color, among many others.

Visit Mycolor.space here.


Colors.muz.li is another site that, although basic, allows you to get varied and unique color palettes. You can start with a color of your choice and the page will generate several palettes around it. You can also enter the HEX value of a color (which seems to us to be a UX failure, since you have to consult the code in an external source, such as this HEX value base), or upload a photo and get a palette based on it.

Visit Colors.muz.li aquí.

Adobe Color

A brand like Adobe needs no introduction, given its dozens of popular design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, among others. Adobe Color is a free, online tool that combines colors in a way that works harmoniously. This tool has several features, including a complete color wheel that allows you to see how colors work together in various ways and under various principles of complementary color theory. This color palette tool also allows you to consult other users’ combinations for ideas and inspiration. Another interesting feature is the trends gallery, which allows you to see the palettes that are trending in the design industry. You can also download it for free and use it as software on your computer – and being from Adobe, it allows you to change the color values for digital displays, such as RGB, HSB and LAB.

Visit AdobeColor here.


khroma paleta de colores

Khroma is a color tool that uses artificial intelligence and is made for designers. It allows you to quickly find and save color schemes and palettes and with the help of a custom algorithm, Khroma learns which colors users prefer and generates unlimited palettes. It takes a bit of time to start using it (as you have to choose the colors you are interested in for the algorithm to start creating combinations), but it is 100% recommended. What we like most is the way it presents the combined colors – it does it with text against a background, two colors side by side, in color gradients and, clearly, in color palette format.

Visit Khroma here.


Colorkuler is a must-have resource for photographers or artists who want to discover the color palette that represents their photographic or aesthetic style. By connecting to your Instagram, you get information about the dominant colors that appear in your feed and create a harmonious color scheme that complements your photography. It’s useful if you spend a lot of time on your aesthetics or if you use your instagram account as a portfolio. The free version generates a color palette based on the last 9 photos in your feed – but there is also a Pro (paid) version which takes the aesthetics of your entire feed and gives you a score of the aesthetics and consistency of your feed. It’s not as useful as the other color palette tools on this list, so we’ve put it last.

Visit Colorkuler here.

A few of our favorite color palettes:

Green Color Palette

green color palette
We just love this green color palette – mint, basil, leaf, and dark green are some of our favorite colors!

Pastels Color Palette

Deep Winter Color Palette

deep winter color palette
This deep winter color palette captures all about the dead of a cold, snowy winter: dark skies, frost, snow, and perhaps even a bit of coziness.

Color palettes are very useful and valuable tools for designers, artists and professionals in general. Each one lets you generate a wide variety of color combinations, from classic combinations to more modern and unexpected schemes. The ease of use of these pages will allow you to experiment with different tones and shades, giving you new ideas and inspiration for your projects. Add these pages to your bookmarks – they will be an indispensable resource to enhance your visual projects and achieve aesthetically balanced designs.

If you are looking for free royalty free images, we suggest you visit our gallery of pretty background images courtesy of Pixabay. You will be able to use them for all your projects and even for the pages mentioned here that allow you to upload images to create color palettes from them.

10 websites to find remote jobs hiring immediately (2024)2023-11-24T16:05:44+00:00

Let’s face it, we are all very concerned about the world economy, and especially the woes that come with finding a local office job that requires physical presence and, inevitably, commutes. Major companies are mandating a return-to-office policies, and while there may be valid reasons (and backlash), many professionals have found that most jobs can be carried out remotely as well as when done in person. If your work preferences or lifestyle have made you decide that a remote job is for you, stick around to read this article and learn about our picks for the 10 websites to find remote jobs hiring immediately!

Remote and freelance jobs are nothing new. However, with the advantage of the internet and the flexibility of jobs, which the pandemic accelerated, finding remote work is now easier than ever. Working for a company remotely includes several benefits, such as:

  • Flexible work schedules: Due to varying time zones, many remote jobs allow you to work at your own pace and only commit to a window of availability for company calls and meetings. You may also be able to work on shifts that fall outside of the typical 9 to 5 schedule.
  • Competitive advantage for bilingual workers: If you are proficient in another language, you may be able to get a remote job from another country where your knowledge of English is an asset. For example, a French company may be looking for someone who can communicate with them in French, but who can fully help them expand in North America given their knowledge of English.
  • Potentially higher earnings if paid in a foreign currency: The cost of living in many countries is often lower than in more economically developed nations. Therefore, companies can pay a very competitive or even generous salary by local standards while saving on labor costs. This is perfect if you are a digital nomad, or are based in a country where a currency such as the euro or dollar will allow you to enjoy a relatively high standard of living.

Dan Murray-Serter is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and community and branding expert who has launched several companies over the past 10 years. In a thread on his Twitter account he shares 10 pages for finding remote work hiring immedaitely. We recommend you follow him on Twitter (now X) and listen to his podcast, and for your convenience, we share the 10 sites to find remote jobs hiring immediately he suggests in this article.

10 websites to find remote jobs hiring immediately (2023)

1. Wellfound.com

Explore more than 130,000 remote and local jobs at the world’s most innovative startups, from early stage to post IPO.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Financial Analyst

2. JustRemote.co

This platform finds the remaining 70% of available jobs from banks and makes them available to you on a daily basis.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • SEO
  • Sales
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

3. Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite jobs is a platform launched in 2017 with the goal of highlighting innovative jobs from companies with “remote-first” work cultures.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Virtual operations assistant
  • Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales

4. Remote.co

Remote.co is a platform founded by Sara Sutton, an advocate of remote and flexible work. Not only they offer a bank of remote jobs hiring immediately, but also consult with companies and guide them to embrace remote culture in their own teams.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • IT
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Marketing

5. Workew

A remote hiring and employment platform. You can upload your resume and activate notifications to stay on top of opportunities.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Marketing
  • Developer
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Managment
  • Copywriting and text editing

6. Remote4Me

A website created by Dmitri Geller, software developer in Odessa/Ukraine His motto is: “Work from wherever you want”.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Software developer
  • Web development
  • Systems engineer
  • Design
  • Copywriting and text editing
  • Human Resources
  • Finances and Accounting

7. FlexJobs.com

A job board with more than 26,930 high quality remote jobs hiring immediately available.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Data Analyst
  • Developer
  • Data Entry
  • Call Center
  • Accountant
  • Communications
  • Customer Service

8. WeWorkRemotely

WeWork Remotely is the world’s largest remote work community with more than 4.5 million monthly visitors.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Design jobs
  • Product jobs
  • Software development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing

9. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a free resource for companies looking for remote talent worldwide. There are no commissions or intermediaries and offer a wide variety of open positions in the job bank.

Full-time (40 hours per week), hourly, or fixed-wage jobs.

10. Remotive

Remotive is a perfect platform for top talent seeking active and fully remote employment opportunities in technology companies.

Examples remote jobs hiring immediately:

  • Data Analysis
  • Sales
  • Copywriting and text editing
  • Customer Service
  • Software Development

In conclusion, finding remote work is no longer an exception to the norm, but has instead become mainstream our increasingly international and digitized work environment. The 10 remote job search sites we have presented in this article offer you a wide range of opportunities in different fields and at various levels of experience. The most important thing when looking for a remote job is to understand your own skills, interests and career goals – and not to forget that a remote job gives you endless opportunities such as flexibility, a natural competitive advantage if you speak a foreign language other than English, and the possibility of higher salaries paid in currencies such as the Euro and the US Dollar if you live in a country with lower costs of living.

Remember that looking for a job is a process, so be patient. Be active in your search and take advantage of all the tools available on these platforms to stand out and attract your ideal employer. We have already written articles that are ideal if you are looking for a job, including a selection of tips to make an attractive CV, tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Have fun, and good luck!

Unveiling the mystery: Why Does Google Chrome Save Images in WebP Formats?2023-07-19T16:19:05+00:00

Have you ever tried downloading an image on a website only to find that it is in the WebP format? When browsing the web on Google Chrome, you may have noticed that the browser often saves images in a format called WebP. This may have left you wondering why Chrome specifically opts for this format and why many websites these days are using WebP given the plethora of web image formats available today, like JPEG 2000, JPG, PNG, GIF, and more.

Long story short? In most cases, Chrome isn’t actually the browser you should hate here. What that means is that it doesn’t automatically convert the images to WebP when you download them but it is the websites that host them that are serving images in WebP. So why then do websites choose to serve WebP images?

Website owners and developers are continually seeking ways to improve speed and performance. These two factors are paramount in today’s digital era. One of the most powerful tools in their toolkit is optimizing images and converting them into WebP: a modern and highly efficient image format.

In this blog post, we will dive into the world of WebP and explore its benefits and the workarounds from downloading WebP formats on Google Chrome. We present the info as follows:

Understanding the WebP Format

WebP is an image format developed by Google back in 2010 to improve web performance and reduce file sizes. It utilizes advanced compression techniques to achieve high-quality images with significantly smaller file sizes (over 25%) than its traditional image formats counterparts like JPEG and PNG. Its support for image transparency (a key differentiator compared to JPEG) is also a key reason why Google prefers it, coupled with the fact that WebP allows for both lossy and lossless compression.

The underlying compression algorithms employed in WebP enable efficient encoding and decoding of images, resulting in faster load times and reduced bandwidth usage.

The Benefits of WebP Image Format

When it comes to website speed, every second counts. Slow-loading websites frustrate users! As images take up the most page weight on a website, large image files often slow down page load times. That’s why WebP image compression comes in so handy!

Enhances Web Performance

By utilizing WebP, Google Chrome can deliver images that load much faster than before, improving the overall browsing experience for users. Especially since search is now multi-modal, consisting not only of text results but also rich media like images and videos. The smaller file sizes of WebP images enable Chrome to quickly download images from servers and reduce the time it takes to display web pages. This is crucial in today’s speed-obsessed world, where users expect instant access to information!

Reduces Bandwidth Consumption

WebP’s superior compression capabilities also contribute to reduced bandwidth consumption. Smaller file sizes significantly reduce the amount of data transferred between the user’s device and the web server. This translates to lower bandwidth usage, benefiting users with slower internet connections or limited data plans. When more users worldwide can browse the web quickly and affordably, isn’t that great news for Chrome?

Maintains Image Quality

Despite its smaller file sizes, WebP images still maintain their high image quality. It employs lossy and lossless compression techniques, enabling users to balance file size reduction and visual fidelity.

  • Lossy compression works by selectively discarding specific image data less noticeable to the human eye, resulting in smaller file sizes without significant loss in perceived quality. 
  • On the other hand, lossless compression retains all image data but achieves less compression.

Chrome’s adoption of WebP ensures that users can enjoy fast-loading web pages without compromising the visual appeal of images.

Allows for Forward Compatibility

WebP’s forward compatibility is another compelling reason Google Chrome saves images in this format. As the web continually evolves and new technologies emerge (at a very fast pace), having a future-proof image format is essential. WebP’s widespread adoption and continued development ensure it remains compatible with evolving technology.

Stopping Chrome from saving images in WebP

While WebP is still the way to go on the web, if you prefer to save images in other formats on Google Chrome, then you can try the following methods:


A Chrome extension is one of the easiest ways to save WebP images in other formats. In particular the “Save Image as Type” extension, after installing, allows you to download images in your desired format.

Online image converters

Online image converters by using the origin image URL can also help you with this. All you have to do is to “Copy Image Address” and add it to the tool. It then helps you to convert it into PNG or JPG.

Alternatively, you can also download the WebP image and then upload it onto image converters and download the format you want.

Paint App for Windows Users

Windows users have an additional workaround where you can use the default Paint app that comes with your windows software.

What you can do is to “Right Click” and copy the image and paste it onto the Paint app (CTRL + V). In the File tab on the top-left corner of your screen, you can then save this image in your desired format.


All in all, with the given advantages of WebP to optimize web performance, reduce bandwidth consumption, maintain image quality, and allow for forward compatibility (plus perhaps the fact that Google created WebP), it is no surprise why Chrome prefers to save images in the WebP format as compared to all other image formats. By embracing WebP, Google Chrome continues providing a seamless browsing experience for its users, ensuring they can access web content quickly and efficiently.

And as a website owner, developer, or even a marketer, understanding such benefits of WebP and optimizing your images accordingly can significantly improve your site’s speed and enhance user experience. Your visitors will thank you for it when you embrace the power of WebP!

This is a departure from our usual article formats, but we hope you found it useful as, no matter who you are and what we do, we are always confused when technology suddenly starts doing something that we were not used to. Knowing about the WebP format when it comes to images will help anybody in creative and marketing fields – because to be sincere, who has not ever saved an image from the internet to their computer. While you are here, why don’t you take a look at our article showing our best Chrome Extensions that are powered by A.I.?

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