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The “Old money aesthetic” has taken the internet by storm – and given that one of it’s main pillars is “timelessness”, we believe that it’s here to stay! This aesthetic refers to a style or philosophy of living associated with wealthy families who have maintained their wealth over generations, and it’s valued for its sophistication, class, conservatism, and the value it places on traditions, quality over quantity, and discretion over ostentation.

There are a few aspects and traditions of the old money aesthetic that are a creative person’s dream. Think: customized stationary, elegant paper invitations, bespoke hand-written menus for weddings, thank-you notes sent by mail… But unless you have the time and ability to learn calligraphy, you may be wondering how you can incorporate such elegance in your life. This is why we thought that it’d be a great idea to compile 10 FREE old money fonts you can use for your stationary, invitations, and anything else you have in mind!

Before we move on to the fonts, here’s a brief description of what the Old Money Aesthetic entails. We hope it inspires you when thinking of uses for the fonts we’ve compiled for you:

Dress: “old money” fashion tends toward the classic and timeless. Luxury brands are sometimes used, but without prominent logos or extravagant designs. Instead, quality, craftsmanship and durability are valued.

Home: “Old money” homes tend to be large and traditional, often with a family history. They are frequently decorated with antiques, art and books, and may have a style that could be described as classic, English or “country club”.

Culture and Traditions: Formal education is highly valued, not only academically but also on manners and etiquette. Emphasis is given to the arts, history, literature, and languages. Members of the “old money” family are expected to be cultured and well-traveled, and know social etiquette including sending invitations and correspondence.

Now, on to the 10 free old money aesthetic fonts that we have compiled for you (in no particular order)

The best 10 Old Money Aesthetic Fonts

Calligraphy from Belina Studio

the calligraphy font is an old money aesthetic font

Calligraphy is a dying art – and certainly an art that has long been associated with the old money aesthetic. Only the elites of the past had the time and resources to learn pristine calligraphy skills and put it to use on their journaling and correspondence, to name a few uses. This font is understated and sober. It would look great to create a signature of your name (imagine getting it printed on custom stationary!) or on print material used for personal events and engagements (i.e. invitations, table markers…). We suggest not going overboard with it, use it sparingly and combine it with another less adorned font. This is the true spirit of the old money aesthetic.

Download it from DaFont here.

Collenis from ToniStudio

The Collenis Font is an old money aesthetic font

This stunning font, like anyone who masters the old money aesthetic, displays its class and elegance without any pompousness nor trying to hard. We think it would be fantastic for any sort of marketing uses for products that you want to associate with the old money aesthetic. We think it would be particularly stunning on a liquor bottle. Of course, you can also use it for your stationary and correspondence. We think that using it on an engagement announcement letter will set the tone to the classy, timeless events that all subsequent celebrations will be!

Download it from DaFont here.

Elegant von FallenGraphic Studio

the elegant font is an old money aesthetic font

The name of this font speaks for itself. It conveys old continent elegance and status. We can associate this with an exclusive old money club. This is another one we think would be spot-on to use for the marketing of a product where you want to speak to the right audience. One of the characteristics of the old money set is that “if you know, you know”, and using a font that will immediately speak to them and let them know that your product is part of their club will surely make your product a success.

Download it from DaFont here.

Andrew Elegant from 177Studio

This font is a dream – it is adorned, but just in the right amount for it to be classy and to fit the old money aesthetic. For any gentleman who wants custom stationary, this would be a great choice to use for your name (of course, in the old money world that would include the initial of a middle name, and even an academic title, such as “esquire”). We really believe this font suits the use we have just suggested – but visualize different old money activities that could easily include this font. We can think of adorning the header of a custom cocktail menu of an event. Beyond custom stationary, why not try using this font to get your initials engraved on embossed on other personal belongings?

Download it from DaFont here.

Elegant Signature from Redy Studio

the elegant signature font is an old money aesthetic font

Back in the day, most people of high social standing knew the art of lettering and handwriting. Sadly this has been lost to time (if you want an old money hobby, we highly suggest calligraphy – not only will it allow you to write beautifully for yourself, but you can even charge a pretty penny to handwrite invitations and other documents! The Elegant Signature font captures this dying art in the most old money aesthetic possible. Just imagine an elegant lady pulling her signature fountain pen from her quiet luxury bag to sign the bill at the country club. You can now capture this moment in your projects with this free font!

Download it from DaFont here.

Vollkorn from FRiTZe

The Vollkorn is an old money aesthetic font

The old money aesthetic is not about excess and in-your-face-ness. It is all about understatement and elegance that speaks for itself. This is what we find in this font. Wherever you may use it, you will project a subtle message of confidence, elegance, and dignity. We can envision this as a letterhead with your name on custom stationary, or embossed as your initials on your leather goods (like your luggage, wallet, or briefcase). The best thing is that, unlike the other fonts, which we recommend to accentuate your projects, this can be used throughout text-heavy paragraphs without detracting from the content.

Download it from DaFont here.

Classical from mlkwsn

This is another ideal font if you want to give an old money aesthetic style to your documents, correspondence, and other paper wares. It reminded us of something… we could not tell what it was until it clicked that it looks just like traditional French handwriting! This could be beautiful as a signature (or even an e-signature!), as the title on your wedding’s menu, or as the header on custom stationary like thank-you notes (as your full name, or just your initials). Once more, this is one not to overuse.

Download it from DaFont here.

Khatija Calligraphy from 38.lineart

Another classic font that exudes old money aesthetic. Back in the day, entire hand-written letters were exchanged with such calligraphy. Those days are gone and while nobody expects to get letters written in this manner, this font will certainly be a hit on correspondence: from thank you notes, to invitations, to custom stationary, and anything in between. Also excellent for headers on menus and other similar materials. Once more, not to overuse.

Download it from DaFont here.

Priestacy from sronstudio

It is tricky to find handwritten fonts that are feminine AND elegant. Many fall under the very gauche “live, love, laugh” style of font. However, Priestacy made it to our cut because we can absolutely see it as the hand-written signature of an old money debutante. Thread lightly, and this font will work on your favour when going for the old-money aesthetic. Overuse it, and it will play against you.

Download it from DaFont here.

Old English Font from Fontspace

the old english font is an old money font

The Old English Font is a classic font that may seem medieval – but don’t forget that in Europe, many old money individuals are aristocrats, nobles, and royals, who have had fortunes and palaces since the 11th century. This is why we wanted to also include the Old English Font to this list. Any brand of heritage products (for example, spirits and liquours like whiskey or leather goods) will certainly have an old money aesthetic if it looks to have been a heritage brand from an old money noble family with a family tree dating centuries, alongside a family estate and a coat of arms!

Download it from FontSpace here.

The old money aesthetic is timeless and elegant. The use of fonts that match convey this aesthetic can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of your projects, conveying sophistication and a touch of classic charm. In this article we compiled ten free font options, each with its own unique appeal and appropriate for various situations and contexts. These fonts are suitable for a wide range of applications, from graphic design, branding, to your own personal stationary and monogramming. As a tip, we highly suggest you use Canva for your projects – it allows you to create all sorts of custom digital and print material, including your own personal monogram! Check out our Canva Review!

Take advantage of these free resources and infuse your projects with an aura of class and timelessness that is reminiscent of old money aesthetics. One extra note: most of these are free to use for personal use! Please verify their individual licenses and make sure to get the paid version if you are going to use them in commercial projects. Since you are here, why don’t you check out our compilation of 100 free fonts to download, including wedding fonts, futuristic fonts, holiday fonts, and many more?

Cover photo via MontBlanc.

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