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There are so many exciting jobs and roles in the music industry, and they are not limited to musicians. Roles in this industry, as indicated by the prestigious Berklee College of Music, include music production, record engineers, talent and tour managers, education and teaching, and music publicists. Many other fields can get role in this exciting industry, including marketing and business to handle the commercial and monetary side of the business, commercial law to handle contracts, licensing, and intellectual property, and even technology roles to power music websites and platforms. If you are struggling to find music industry jobs (whether as a musician, producer, or even in marketing and management) keep reading!

Karma Bertelsen is a Marketing Strategy Manager in the music industry who has compiled a list of useful sites to get a job in the music industry on her Twitter. The full thread is here, but we are also summarizing her list below with direct links to her recommendations. She is based in the UK, which means that some of these are UK-centric, but we are also adding a few international resources in parenthesis.

websites to find music industry jobs

There are hundreds of career opportunities in the music industry. Imagen by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

The list of the most useful websites to find music industry jobs

1. Discord: This Discord server is AMAZING for job ads in the music industry, it is also just a really lovely community. If you aren’t on discord, sign up and accept the invite to this server.

2. @YoungMusicBoss often post a variety of job ads, in a round of of music jobs of the week, mainly on their Instagram.

3. @thedigilogue post jobs on their socials and have a dedicated careers page on their website.

4. @RunTheCheck – not just music related jobs, but paid opportunities for creatives. Website here.

5. Follow @c_osazuwa on LinkedIn. I don’t know Christine personally, but every week she posts about ‘cool jobs & opportunities’ she has seen in music. She also just posts amazing thought pieces and has a wealth of knowledge (I hope you don’t mind Christine).

6. @musicbizworld have a really great international jobs board which you can filter easily. Website here.

7. @MusicWeek have an international jobs board here.

8.@CMU are a great resource and have a jobs board here.

9. Another great resource in music is @MusicAlly, I can’t rate them enough, they have a dedicated jobs board here.

10. @RecordOfTheDay have a jobs board and they also have a ‘Jobs wanted’ board which is quite unique to them (you post about the job you want rather than waiting for the job you want to be posted). Website here.

11. @shesaid_so (highly recommend signing up for membership if you are a woman or gender minority in music or want to truly be an ally to women and gender minorities, as you then get access to an AMAZING community). Website here.

12. @LinkedIn is an amazing place for jobs, especially if you know how to use it properly. Use the filters on the job page and set up alerts for those job searches. You won’t miss a job again as LinkedIn will send you a notification and a round-up email.

13. Sign up to recruitment agencies that specialize in music industry jobs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Connect with recruiters that work for them on LinkedIn and stay in touch (don’t hound them).

14. [If you are in the UK], BIY People is not just a recruitment agency but an amazing consultancy that specialises in HR, Recruitment, People Development, Coaching or Future Talent. I can’t sing their praises enough. Follow them on Instagram, FB & LinkedIn, also listen to their podcast! [Your home country likely has similar consultancies, like in the USA, Compass Music in the UK/France, MusicCanada in Canada, and MusicBusinessWorldwide for worldwide consultancy and jobs).

15. If you are a woman, gender minority, part of the LGBTQI+ community, or from an ethnic minority please have a look through this (very old) list I put together with some communities that might be worth engaging with for support, jobs, tips, community etc.

16. In the UK there is @UKMusicJobs. You have to pay to see/apply to jobs on there (I disagree with job seekers having to pay) your CV may get sent through in a non-pleasing format (I’ve been on the recruiting end) & personally I’ve never had success on it, but it may work for you. Website here.

17. Want to work in the Live music sector?@Pollstar have a great list of opportunities on their jobs board here.

18. Another great place to look for live music industry jobs is the @IQ_Mag jobs board here.

19. Synced In regularly post vacancies specific to the sync, production music and publishing sectors. Join the LinkedIn group and the Facebook group. Thanks to @c_connell2 for sharing this tip!

20. For anyone looking for jobs in music and tech there’s a good jobs channel on @water_and_music’s discord (subscription required) Thanks to @seaninsound for the tip.

21. For music charity roles check out @artsjobs Thanks to @Cultural_Bag for this tip.

22. For music jobs in Yorkshire, UK (cities like Leeds, Sheffield, York, Bradford, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Hull, Harrogate and more) head to the Music Industry Yorkshire jobs page. Thanks to @higher_rhythm for this tip.

23. Not a jobs board per se but make a list of 10 companies you want to work for in music, bookmark their careers pages and set a reminder to look at each page weekly or bi-weekly for any roles that fit your skillset or what you want to do. Great tip from Nicola Hedden via IG.

24. Launchpad do a good job of keeping job listings & funding ops updated for Leeds / Yorkshire (UK). Thanks to @Harry_Ridgway for this tip.

25. @SocialFixt connect black talent to job opportunities in the UK Creative Industry. Website here. Thanks @LisaYoungIn for the great tip.

26. @stonewalluk have a jobs site called ProudEmployers, helping people find jobs with LGBTQ+ inclusive employers, some of which are in the music industry! Thanks again to @LisaYoungIn for the great tip.

27. is a useful website for careers in the entertainment and digital media industries (music industry included) Thanks to @trendpr for the tip.

28. The MeloCompass website empowers women and minorities with their careers in music. Thanks again to @LisaYoungIn for this stellar tip.

29.@theericapp share some music-based job opportunities, training and general opportunities, etc (generally try to cover opportunities for all the 16 creative industries) Thank you to @LucyGoodfellowx for this tip and who works for this app.

30. Try the Foot In The Door Facebook group (ran by @hattielong_ and @fortunamajor) specifically for entry level music positions in the UK and sometimes overseas. Big up @_bandgenerator for sharing this tip.

31. @musicjobs_US (subscription required to apply or find out the company advertising). Website here.

32.@DoorsOpenJobs specifically for electronic musics best jobs (international). Website here.

33. Use the @SimplyHired search correctly and you can browse through lots of music industry related jobs: in the US and in the UK.

34. I can’t believe I didn’t put this one higher up but @The_Dots_UK (UK) is a great place to network, find free online learning events and jobs in the media industry, lots of which are in music.

35. If you are in the US and are unsure about what career to go for in the music industry and the average salary for it, check out this great resource and website explaining the various roles in music and salaries. Website here.

36. Try @musiccareersco – an international music industry jobs board, with a sleek and intuitive design.

37. Try the @digitalmusicnws jobs board (and subscribe to their newsletter) for music biz jobs in the US.

38. @Showbizjobs is another one with an international music jobs board (use category: music) Website here.

39. Head to @Soundplate for their international music jobs board for artists, creatives and professionals

40. @audioprogrammer specialize in international hiring for music & audio technology companies, mostly R&D roles but also product management, leadership, marketing & more. They have a big developer community & Discord too. Website here.

A few extra tips and from the RGB Latte team:

As we mentioned at the beginning, the music industry is broad and does not limit itself to the traditional jobs you may be used to. You could work for stock asset companies that have music like Shutterstock, Premiumbeat, Audiojungle,, Pond5, or Soundstripe, which will include roles in tech, marketing, licensing, and BI/Data Analysis. If you specialized in a music field, make sure to also network with your professors or other faculty members; chances are that they are connected in the industry and can lend you a hand.

music industry jobs

Careers in the music industry are not limited to musicians. Imagen by Jesman Fabio on Unsplash

If you produce music as a hobby, why not also share it on YouTube – channels who share both original and pop-culture and video game-inspired music can get pretty big (check, for example, Osirois‘ brilliant YouTube channel). You’ll be effectively creating a secondary income just by sharing your passion online.

Finally, don’t dismiss traditional job listing sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. An extra tip: add extra keywords of unique assets you can bring. If you speak a language, add it to the search as “music+spanish”. You will likely find roles that are looking for your specific skill.

After reading this list, perhaps you are also interested in learning how to write a creative CV and land that music industry job? Or maybe you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile and grow your creative network? We got you covered!

Good luck and stay creative!

Cover photo: Alexey Ruban on Unsplash

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