how to find clients as a freelance motion desinger

Motion Design is an incredibly creative career path, which combines creative skills and technical abilities to create mind-blowing animated graphics and 3D elements. A motion designer in North America can earn, on average, $85K/year (or around $40.86 per hour). Add to this the fact that it is a career where you can easily work from home and as a freelancer (though harder to do so as a digital nomad given the large screen sizes and computer needed!), and it turns out to be a fantastic occupation. Many companies have an in-house motion designer, but there are countless freelance gigs and roles for motion designers. In this article, we share our 5 proven ideas to find clients as a freelance motion designer!

A freelance motion designer’s success is directly proportional to their ability to continually find clients. The more clients you acquire, the more stable your freelance business becomes as you diversify your source of income and create a work pace that adjusts to your own needs. Getting clients as a freelancer, however, can be quite challenging, especially when you’re just starting. Additionally, the competitive nature of the freelance world makes it essential for motion designers to use effective strategies and techniques to get noticed.

At RGB Latte we are huge fans of freelancing and we by no means enjoy when talented creatives get discouraged by the insecurities they may from freelancing as a way of working. That is why we present you this article, which delves into five key strategies to help you find clients as a freelance motion designer and helps you build the confidence needed towards building a fulfilling and profitable career.

Our five ideas to find clients as a freelance motion designer

1. Leverage Social Media Platforms

leveraging your network is a great way to find clients as a freelance motion designer

Social media platforms provide a vast pool of potential clients. They offer an opportunity to showcase your work in a unique manner and engage directly with prospective clients. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are some platforms where you can find clients as a freelance motion designer.

LinkedIn can be particularly useful because of its professional nature. It allows you to connect with other professionals and firms that might require your services. We highly recommend always connecting your clients, previous and current, as well as any other person of power in the organizations in which you have had a contract. Apart from that, you can become a “LinkedIn influencer by talking about the industry and showcasing your portfolio on your profile and engaging with your connections while you are at it (we wrote an article on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, click to check it out!).

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, on the other hand, are more visual platforms. They provide an excellent stage for displaying your work in an audiovisual manner – which is perfect for audiovisual media as Motion Graphics are! Remember to use appropriate and popular hashtags to increase your visibility. Engaging with comments and shares also helps to create a stronger online presence, attracting potential clients.

2. Network at Industry Events

networking is a great way to find clients as a freelance motion designer

Attending industry events such as workshops, seminars, and conferences can be a goldmine for a freelance motion designer looking to find clients. These events are often attended by professionals and companies in the industry who may need your services. We don’t even need to mention SXSW being THE conference for all things creative and with the biggest network opportunities – but this is aspirational for many given the costs and distance. There are thousands of local events, and don’t forget that the event does NOT have to be in the creative or media industries – one of our team members’ most lucrative Motion Design contract was with a farmaceutical company. The key here is developing an eye for spotting the heads of marketing and brand who are the ones who will know about the motion design needs within their teams.

We may add that networking doesn’t necessarily mean selling your services aggressively. Instead, it’s about building relationships. Show genuine interest in what others do, and share your experiences as a freelance motion designer. The connections you make at these events can lead to referrals who will help you find clients as a freelance motion designer

3. Create a Robust Online Portfolio and Demo Reel

a motion designer portafolio is key to finding clients as a freelance motion designer

Your portfolio and demo reel are your greatest assets to find clients as a freelance motion designer. They showcase your skills, creativity, and capabilities. As such, it’s important to invest time and effort into creating compelling portfolios and demo reels that show your breadth and range gigs and with several types of clients clients. It can be hosted on a personal portfolio page, or in a video hosting site like Vimeo. Either way, you can find a checklist of what to include in your portfolio and demo reel to find clients as a freelance motion designer under this link.

Ensure your portfolio and demo reels include a range of your best works. It should communicate your style, the services you offer, and your unique selling propositions. Always keep your portfolio updated with your latest work. Do not forget that if you are dealing with a recruiter or hiring manager, your portafolio won’t be as worth as much as a writing a creative resumé , which, unlike its name, is a CV that has no creative bells and whistles, but rather presents your experience skills in a universal and hireable way.

4. Use Freelance Job Platforms

freelancing websites are key to finding clients as a freelance motion designer

Online freelance job platforms can be handy when you want to find clients as a freelance motion designer. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr attract clients seeking various services, including motion design. Make sure to optimize your profile so your profile appears among the first results for related keywords, and include clear information on your expertise, the clients you have worked with, and even testimonials from previous clients. If you use these sites as a primary form of finding clients, make sure to gather great reviews and a score that will immediately make other prospective clients see you are a trustworthy professional.

A complete, professional-looking profile that attracts more clients is part of the “pull” strategy on such platforms. A “push” strategy also includes bidding for projects that match your skills and reaching out to profiles that seem to always be hiring for roles. To go back to our previous tip – do try to create a great relationship with your clients from these freelancer platforms and add them to your LinkedIn network, too!

5. Offer a Referral Program

use a referral program to find new clients as a freelance motion designer

A referral program incentivizes your existing clients to refer new clients to you. Offering a discount or free service for every referral they make can motivate them to recommend your services to their networks. This strategy could help you build a consistent client base and make sure that you keep being hired by existing clients, who in turn, refer you to new clients too. It does not need any sort of complicated affiliate platform, you can do it with an honour system and word-of-mouth where you simply offer a discounted invoice to existing clients after having successfully referred you for a new contract. Our tip? Do not push this offer publicly and conspicuously – offer it to current clients after having worked a few times with them and gaining their trust! It will feel a lot more exclusive and enhance your work relationship even further!

As you navigate the freelance world, remember that finding clients is an ongoing process. It requires persistence, creativity, and strategic planning. By leveraging social media, networking at industry events, creating a robust online portfolio, utilizing freelance job platforms, and offering an enticing referral program, you can significantly increase your chances to find clients as a freelance motion designer. So, start applying these strategies today, and watch your freelance motion design business flourish.

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