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Here at RGBLatte, we’ve talked a lot about freelancing as a viable and rewarding way of working, especially for the creative types. Finding clients as a freelance copywriter can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just starting out – and it can be precisely why many professionals hesitate to leave their comfy corporate 9-5 job, and start working as a freelancer. It often seems like a challenging journey filled with uncertainty and anxiety. But with the right strategies in place, you can overcome this hurdle and build a successful freelancing career. This article provides five effective ideas that can help you to find clients as a freelance copywriter. This article is useful if you are already a freelance copywriter and are in the lookout for new clients and gigs, or if. you have considered freelancing part- or full-time and would like some ideas to overcome the fear that the question of: “How will I to find clients as a freelance copywriter” brings.

First of all, what is a freelancer, and what is a copywriter? A freelancer, also known as a self-employed or independent worker, is a person who offers his or her professional services independently to different clients or companies, rather than working as a full-time employee in a single organization. Freelancers work for specific projects, tasks or periods, and are usually hired for their expertise and skills in a particular field. This type of work has been growing steadily as part of what has been referred to as the “gig economy”, in which approximately 150 million professionals across North America and Western Europe participate (and which is steadily increasing in other regions of the world too!).

Copywriting is a specialized writing skill that focuses on creating persuasive content for the purpose of promoting products, services or ideas. Copywriting professionals, known as copywriters, are dedicated to writing advertising copy, marketing messages and promotional content with the goal of attracting the attention of the target audience, generating interest, creating a desire to purchase or take action, and ultimately motivating readers or viewers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, completing a form or any other action desired by the advertiser. It is a profession that lends itself perfectly to freelancing, as you can create copy for a variety of clients who don’t have the resources or option to have a dedicated in-house copywriter.

How find clients as a freelance copywriter

1. Networking and Building Relationships

leveraging your network is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

Networking is a vital tool for anyone looking to find clients as a freelance copywriter. The very first place to look for when networking to find clients as a freelance copywriter: your professional network. Remember that agency where you interned a few years back? Reach out to them and former colleagues. Remember that client who loved what you did for them a few years back? Reach out and ask if they have any copywriting needs or who knows anyone who does. Remember that college professor who was a part-time teacher, part-time entrepreneur? Reach out. This is truly our best recommendation and this is why we make it the very first point of the very first point.

When networking and building relationships to find clients as a freelance copywriter (and for any sort of freelancer, really), casting wide nets and keeping active is of the essence: attend industry events, join writing groups, participate in online forums, and get involved in local business communities. These platforms can provide you with the opportunity to meet potential clients and build relationships that can lead to writing gigs. You can also volunteer as a copywriter for your local shelter, church, or animal human society – you never know if by giving back to society, life will pay it forward to you and someone may refer you for a paid gig.

Keep in mind that networking is not just about selling your services, it’s about building meaningful relationships. The more relationships you establish, the more likely you are to be recommended or referred to potential clients by your contacts. Present yourself as a professional, dependable, and enthusiastic freelance copywriter, and your reputation itself will start making people come to you.

2. Leverage Social Media Platforms

leveraging social media is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

Another effective way to find clients as a freelance copywriter is by leveraging social media platforms. LinkedIn is the obvious choice here, especially following the first point above about networking and building relationship to find clients as a freelance copywriter, but there are also other methods that will help you find more leads outside of your network. Instagram, and TikTok can serve as excellent platforms for showcasing your talent and attracting potential clients. Speaking particularly about Instagram and TikTok, harness the power of short-form video to put out interesting short content about copywriting (for example, case studies), and always finish your videos with a phrase such as “and don’t forget that I can also help you draft copy that will translate into results”.

For more traditional social media, like the aforementioned LinkedIn, your profiles should clearly indicate that you’re a freelance copywriter looking for work and who has a track-record of delivering results (we wrote an article with tips for your LinkedIn profile!). Regularly post examples of your writing, share valuable content related to copywriting, and engage with those who comment on your posts. Use statistics and case-studies wherever possible. This will not only establish your online presence but also help you build trust and credibility among your audience. You can also use these platforms to reach out to potential clients directly, which leads us to our next point.

3. Cold Outreach

cold outreach is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

Cold outreach involves reaching out to potential clients directly, even if they’re not currently advertising any copywriting positions. This proactive approach can help you find clients as a freelance copywriter that may not have realized they needed your services. Start by identifying businesses that could benefit from your copywriting services, then craft a compelling pitch that addresses their needs and how your services can provide a solution. While it requires more effort, cold pitching can lead to long-term client relationships and recurring work.

As an example of something that worked for a member of our very own team at RGBLatte in finding clients as a freelance copywriter: Our colleague wanted to support the local economy by purchasing a locally-made and sustainable garment. They found a small business in our region with exactly the garment they were looking for. After ordering and being satisfied with the results, they wrote to the business letting them know that they loved the product but that as a customer, the copy of their online ads and their website was not very clear. The business owner replied saying that they were thankful for the feedback and that being a one-man show running the business and the marketing, they were actually looking to grow their team. Our team member had found a gig there and then!

4. Create a High-Quality Portfolio

having a creative portfolio is a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter

A well-curated portfolio can be an incredible asset when trying to find clients as a freelance copywriter. This portfolio should showcase your best work and provide insight into your writing style, areas of expertise, and the kind of results you can deliver. In our digital age, many copywriting gigs require the copywriter to be familiar with the concepts of SEO copywriting, so if you are looking for copywriting gigs for websites, make sure that your portfolio clearly indicates that your work includes SEO copywriting (an article that was meant to rank organically for a commercial blog, for example.). If you have focus rather on copywriting for packaging, make sure to include pictures of how your text appeared in the final product, as it will show your process in capturing the brief from the marketing team and how the end result looked for the client.

Your portfolio should be easily accessible, either on your personal website or a platform designed for portfolios. While creating your portfolio, ensure it is professional, easy to navigate, and impresses potential clients at a glance (you can check out some tips on how to create a copywriting portfolio here).

5. Use Freelancing Platforms

platforms like upwork are a great way to find clients as a freelance copywriter
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Using freelancing platforms is another effective method to find clients as a freelance copywriter. Platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to create a profile, showcase your portfolio, and bid on jobs that match your skills. While competition on freelancing websites can be high, they can provide you with access to a wide variety of businesses and individuals looking for copywriting services. Always ensure that your proposals are personalized and show potential clients that you understand their needs.

Our tip? Don’t skimp on self-promotion for specific skills that make you stand out from the competition! Are you fluent in a second language? Then make sure that you clearly state your bilingualism and that you look for clients that are actively in need of copywriting in the language your speak (or who need to translate their current copy!). Have you focused on SEO copywriting and delivered content that helped your clients rank better on organic search? Mention it and list a few of your achievements in a bullet point!

Finding clients as a freelance copywriter requires a blend of creativity, determination, and strategic planning. By leveraging social media, networking effectively, creating a stellar portfolio, using freelancing platforms, and embracing cold pitching, you can establish a steady network and find clients as a freelance copywriting . Remember, every successful copywriter was once in the position you’re in now. So, stay consistent, keep improving, and you’ll eventually reap the fruits of your hard work. If you are already a freelance writer, why not check out our article on the 7 common mistakes that freelance digital marketers make? All the principles apply to freelance copywriters, too! If you are not a copywriter yet but would like to get into it, may we suggest our article with 7 copy formulas to help you become a copywriter?

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