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Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most popular web browsers out there. Google Chrome’s popularity means it is the browser of choice for 66.1% of desktop users. This is not a coincidence. It goes without saying that most people would not be caught dead using Internet Explorer, and while Firefox, Edge, and Safari are also popular choices, Chrome is a clear winner in terms of simplicity, customization, integration with Google accounts. This doesn’t mean that it is a perfect browser, and if you are experiencing bad loading times, lags, and “Aw, snap!” messages, we teach you seven simple ways to speed up Google Chrome.

Aw Snap means you need to speed up Google Chrome

When you read: “Aw, Snap!”, it means you need to speed up your Chrome Browser

Tessa Davis shares amazing tips on technology, and in one particularly useful Twitter thread, she has summarized 7 simple ways to speed up your Google Chrome browser. We highly recommend that you follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her newsletter to never miss her fantastic tips and knowledge, but also summarize the steps to follow here:

Before we start, ensure you’re using the latest version of Chrome. • Click the 3 dots (Options) • Choose ‘help’ • Click ‘about Google Chrome’ It’ll tell you if yours is up-to-date. If it’s not, update it now:

Make sure that your Google Chrome is up to date

Now on to the 7 steps:

1) Speed up Google Chrome: Clear your browsing data

As you visit more + more websites, data accumulates in Chrome. This slows the browser down.

• Choose the ‘Chrome’ tab

• Click ‘clear browsing data’

• Choose ‘All time’

Now select which elements you want to clear. Then clear your data.

Clear your Google Chrome browsing data

2) Speed up Google Chrome: Set up auto-delete

Clearing data ONCE isn’t enough – do it regularly


• Options

• Settings

• Manage Google account

• Manage data + personalization

• Manage data + privacy

• Web + app activity

Turn auto-delete on + delete your old activity automatically:

Set up auto-delete on Google Chrome

3) Speed up Google Chrome: Disable extensions you aren’t using

Extensions are wonderful, but they slow down your computer. Remove the ones you don’t need:

• Options

• More tools

• Extensions

Then disable and remove the ones you no longer use:

Disable extensions you are not using

4) Speed up Google Chrome: Remove web apps

Chrome apps suck memory so if you don’t need them, remove them. Go to chrome://apps then:

• Right click on any you don’t use

• Remove them. It’s time for a clear out:

Remove Web Apps on Google Chrome

5) Speed up Google Chrome: Make webpages open faster with prefetch

Prefetch anticipates where you might go next. Turn prefetch on:

• Go to chrome://settings/cookies

• Turn on ‘preload pages for faster browsing’

It loads your next page in the background for faster access:

Make Google Chrome pages open faster with prefetch

6) Speed up Google Chrome: Suspend your tabs.

I often have a gazillion tabs open at once which slows my browser. The Great Suspender app solves this:

• Suspends tabs I’ve not used for a while.

• But keeps them open for when I need them.

This saves on memory while tabs are dormant.

Suspend Google Chrome tabs

7) Speed up Google Chrome: Use experimental features.

Go to chrome://flags

Here, try features that haven’t been fully released. Consider these 3:

• ‘Parallel downloading’ improves download speed

• ‘Back-forward cache’ stores sites for quick use

• ‘Override software rendering list’ uses GPU acceleration



These seven tips should speed up your Google Chrome browser and enhance your browsing experience! Thanks again to Tessa Davis for compiling these tips and creating these useful videos to show you the steps in an easy-to-follow way.

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Cover image: Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash 

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