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You are here to learn more about RGBLatte? We simply are a blog dedicated to creative people. Pursuing creative careers, especially in the digital space, can be highly rewarding. However, creative types always have a need for resources, tips, and advice. This is what inspired us to create a blog where we could compile our favourite resources from the internet as well as share our own.

Our team has worked in the creative industries for years and it is with the needs of creatives in mind that we put together content for you. We know how handy tutorials come when needing to tackle a particular task, how welcome advice regarding the creative job market is, and how everyone loves high-quality freebies. We aim to keep growing and adding new useful articles weekly, so bookmark and visit us often!

Also, why are we called RGB Latte? Well, we all know how creativity and coffee consumption go hand-in-hand, and we also love the simplicity of the RGB wheel (if you don’t know what this is, we will for sure write about it in a future post). Sometimes creative choices have lots of explanation and theory behind, sometimes they don’t.

We are happy to hear from you. For any comment, question, or request you can write us at hello [at ] rgblatte [dot] com, or use our contact form.

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