• Free freelancer graphic design resources

    As Freelancer you will need graphic design resources. Whether you do Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design, or any other creative freelance work, here are 10 FREE freelance graphic design resources!

  • Hola VPN, Express VPN, NordVPN

    There are many advantages and added safety in using a VPN as a freelancer. We share with you the top three reasons as well as our reviews of Forticlient VPN, NordVPN, and more!

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    Freelancing can be exciting and rewarding, but there are certainly several mistakes to avoid which can be making you lost time and money. These apply both to beginner and seasoned freelancers, so read more about this here!

  • ChatGPT Marketing 2

    We show you 7 MORE ways in which you can use ChatGPT to your advantage and save time and resources in your marketing efforts. Incorporate these ChatGPT "hacks" into your workflow today!

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    ChatGPT is the latest in artificial intelligence and is already proving useful for marketing uses. Whether it's creating scripts to automate tasks, or drafting emails and other marketing content and copy, here are ten ideas to apply to your campaigns today!

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    LinkedIn allows you to connect with colleagues and clients, create a professional network, and even build an audience that you can monetize! Here is a list of guidelines to optimize your profile and start off on the right foot on this network.

  • cover image copywriting

    Copywriting has one goal: grabbing the reader's attention and persuading them to convert. Follow these 7 formulas will help you write copy that is effective and that makes you stand out as a copywriter.

  • RGB vs CMYK

    Knowing the difference between RGB and CMYK is a hard skill that will come very handy in your creative career. Read about these two color profiles, their users, and a couple of pro tips too!

  • You will need create a PowerPoint presentation during multiple times in your career. Here we show you five design principles inspired by Apple's minimalistic design to make yours visually appealing (and share a few free resources to make your presentation even more appealing!).