We offer you free B-roll footage to download, pulled straight out of the Videvo.net library (There are a few Premium clips in the gallery, too!). Free B roll is fantastic for all your video editing needs, especially when you know that there are shots that are too expensive or hard to shoot yourself, or when you need some extra shots to set the tone and context of an edit (learn more about the difference between A-Roll and B-Roll here!)

Brows thousands of free stock b-roll footage in the gallery below. Feel free to search for specific search terms o apply your own filters to get the exact clips you need! We also recommend you visit our free stock image gallery, where you’ll find thousands of royalty-free images, photos and illustrations for your projects! We also recommend you check out our review of Canva Pro, which is a great tool for your creative needs and where you can create wonders with the videos you download here!

Free B Roll Video Gallery

Many of these videos are Royalty Free. Royalty Free is a common license for stock footage and means that they can be used in any project without paying additional royalties. However, some of the ones you see may require attribution to the author or source. We recommend that you check the license of each clip you download.

Using stock footage in creative projects offers you many benefits. First, you will have immediate access to a large selection of high quality video clips. Secondly, you will save a huge amount of costs compared to not having to shoot footage yourself or hire a videographer to do it for you. Finally, you will be able to edit, customize, and adapt the content to suit the specific needs of your project.

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