Stock images are photographs or illustrations that can be purchased online for use in both personal and professional creative projects. These images are usually created and distributed by websites that specialize in selling this type of content and are available in a wide variety of themes and styles. On this page we bring you a gallery of pretty background images from the amazing website All the images you see here are free to download – just click on the one you like and download it directly from the page that will open.

We also recommend you to visit our free stock video gallery, where you will find thousands of royalty-free stock videos, b-roll, background videos, animations and much more. We recommend you check out our review of Canva Pro, which is a great tool for your creative needs and where you can create wonders with the images you download here! 

Many of these images are Royalty Free. Royalty Free is a common license for stock images and means that they can be used in any project without paying additional royalties. However, some of the ones you see may require attribution to the author or source. We recommend that you check the license of each image you download. 

Using stock images in creative projects gives you many benefits. First, you will have immediate access to a large selection of high quality images. Secondly, you will save a huge amount of costs compared to not having to hire a photographer or illustrator. Finally, you will be able to customize and adapt the visual content to suit the specific needs of a project.

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