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Download 20 FREE Holographic video loops courtesy of the PremiumBeat blog! They have constantly spoiled us with PremiumBeat Freebies, and this pack is no exception. Download free video loops, including 20 iridescent video elements, to use in your next project. They are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. Visit the article in the PremiumBeat blog to get the download file. No sign-ups necessary.

This freebie pack allows you to add a holographic, metallic, and iridescent flair to your next video and motion projects. You will get 20 holographic video loops which can be used in several exciting ways. This pack is a true blast to the past which 90’s, and Y2K kids will certainly enjoy. If you’ve checked the latest trends, you will see how popular the Holographic Aesthetic is. It has been making a comeback in fashion and accessories, as well as in graphic design trends, showing that these retro-futuristic aesthetics are here to stay. Here we show you a few of the goodies you will be getting from this Freebie pack and how you can use it in your digital and audiovisual projects.

Once you download the files, you can import them to your favorite video editing program or composting software. The uses for these video loops are endless: use them as background, blend them into layers behind text, or add a groovy touch to logos or motion graphics.

Elements Included in this Premiumbeat Freebies Pack

You will get twenty different holographic video elements. The clips are six seconds in lenght and also loopable! You can easily create video loops by copying the clip and placing each copy next to the others in your editing timeline.

Did you know that there are several categories and types of holographic clips? This pack includes three different types:

Download Free Video Loops: Non-Textured Holographic Clips

They have a smooth and iridescent quality to them. They look like holographic foil:

Premiumbeat Freebies-  non-texture holographic clips

Non-textured elements look like holographic foil

Download Free Video Loops: Textured Holographic Clips

These appear scratched and gritty. This will give your project a more photorealistic and grungy look, allowing you to replicate metallic foil:

Premiumbeat Freebies - Textured Holographic loops

Textured holographic loops appear grungy and scratched

Download Free Video Loops with Trading Card Textures

90’s kids will certainly feel nostalgic when looking at these. They look like the background patterns of trading cards and can be used to give a retro vibe to your projects!

Premiumbeat Freebies - Trading Card Game Texture loops

These textures have the appearance of vintage foiled trading cards

What you can do with this amazing freebie pack

Your imagination is the limit – but we are sure that you will have a lot of fun giving your projects a nostalgic 90’s and Y2K inspired look. Something you can do is using them as mattes behind text and logos, especially against a black background. We’ve given our own RGB Latte logo a 90’s trading card-inspired makeover to give you an idea. It looks right at home among these nostalgic trading cards, doesn’t it?

Premiumbeat Freebies - RGB Latte logo holographic makeover

Our logo looks right at home with these 90’s trading cards! Original photo used by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

This is just an image to give you an idea – you can create similar effects with video and motion graphics. Check out this tutorial on how to matte logos and text: How to Create Matte Text Animations in After Effects.

Other uses

Continuing with the nostalgia thematic – why not create some animated stickers using the CC Page Turn effect in Adobe After Effects? You just need to keyframe the Fold Position setting and create the animation. Look how PremiumBeat has done it and shared in their blog:

Download free video loops with Sticker effect

You can create the effect of a peeling effect with these textures.

The holographic loops go perfectly together with other animations. For example, you could create some amazing 3D cards by following the steps from this amazing PremiumBeat tutorial: Creating 3D Cards in After Effects.

If you were looking to download free video loops, we hope you enjoyed this Freebie (we have come to expect only the best from PremiumBeat!). Once more, the download file is available in the original article. What are you waiting for to go and experiment what you can do with these files. A tip from us: you can screencap any frame of these videos and use them as images. You can use them as backgrounds for your phone, tablet, or computer, or once more, add them to your projects to create amazing visual effects (as we did when creating a trading card version of our logo above!)

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The article appeared originally on April 2022, 2022 on the PremiumBeat Blog. All written and graphic content quoted in this article is owned and copyright of PremiumBeat.com

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