Vecteezy Pro Review and Vecteezy Pro Coupon

Vecteezy is an royalty free stock assets library that provides access to an extensive library of free stock vectors and illustrations, free stock photos, free stock videos, and many other graphic resources for use in creative projects. It is designed to be a convenient and safe-to-use source of visual elements that designers can incorporate into their professional and personal creative projects without having to create each element from scratch, and without worrying about licensing and royalties when using these assets in commercial projects.

Vecteezo Pro

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There are several reasons why royalty free stock assets are a key tool in any creative person’s and marketer’s arsenal. Here are a few of them that prove why downloading royalty-free stock assets are ideal for professional and creative projects:

  1. Time and resource savings: Downloading royalty-free stock assets can save time and effort in creating graphics, taking photographies, or capturing video from scratch. It allows users not to compromise on quality and allocate time and resources on other pressing tasks, which makes stock libraries like Vecteezy especially useful for projects with tight deadlines.
  2. Legal and worry-free use: By choosing royalty-free stock assets, you get the license to use and modify the graphics according to the terms set by the library (in the case of Vecteezy, providing attribution to this page as the source of the assets used). This avoids copyright-related legal issues and ensures proper use in professional projects.
  3. Variety of styles and themes: Stock libraries often offer a wide range of styles and themes, making it easy to find graphic elements that fit the aesthetic of a particular project.

Asset Types available on Vecteezy

Vecteezy is truly a creative hub for all sorts of stock assets, including a few online tools to take your content creation to the next level and without needing any extra software. Most assets have thousands of free downloads available, while a couple of features are reserved for Vecteezy’ paid users under Vecteezy Pro.

Stock Vectors on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Stock Vectors on vecteezy pro

When talking about graphic design and multimedia, a vector refers to vector graphics, which are images created with vector design software. Unlike bitmap images (such as photographs), vector graphics are composed of geometric objects such as lines, curves and polygons. These objects are mathematically defined, which allows them to be scaled to any size without losing quality, and can also be easily edited to adjust colors, shapes, and sizes both easily and precisely.

Vecteezy counts with millions of stock vectors across popular categories, such as backgrounds, icons, borders, landscapes, objects, animals, people, holidays, among many, many others.

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Stock Images on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Stock Photos on vecteezy pro

Stock images are photographs, illustrations, and other types of graphics that are available for licensing and use in creative projects. These images are created and made available to the public through online platforms or specialized agencies, and are captured or otherwise made by professional photographers and designers. Users, such as designers, publishers, website owners, among others, can purchase licenses to use these images in their projects without having to hire a photographer or content creator directly.

Vecteezy counts with millions of stock vectors across popular categories, such as backgrounds, icons, borders, landscapes, objects, animals, people, holidays, among many, many others.

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Stock Video on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Stock Videos on vecteezy pro

Similar to the asset types above, stock videos, also known as archival footage or stock footage, are pre-existing recordings that are available for use in creative projects, such as videos, presentations, commercials, films and more. These videos are created for the purpose of being licensed and used by others in their own projects, and can cover a wide variety of subjects, from natural landscapes to urban scenes, everyday situations, people, animals, visual effects and more. They are intended to provide content creators with a quick and convenient option to add visual elements to their productions without having to shoot all the footage themselves.

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PNG’s on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

PNG's on vecteezy pro

A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. One of the significant features of PNG files is the ability to support transparency. A transparent background in a PNG image means that a specific color (usually designated as transparent) is treated as fully transparent, allowing the background behind the image to show through. This is different from formats like JPEG, which do not support transparent backgrounds and always have a solid, opaque background.

The transparency feature in PNG files makes them particularly useful for multimedia projects, as they can be added almost as “stickers” without needing to trim out the background, which can be a tedious process.

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Templates on Vecteezy (Free and Pro Users)

Templates on vecteezy pro

Similar to Canva (read our Canva Review here!), Vecteezy offers an online editor with life-saving templates for all your creative needs. You will find templates for presentations, business cards, instagram posts and stories, CVs and resumés, Pinterest Graphics, YouTube banners, among many, many others. The editor and hundreds of templates are free to use, but Pro users get unlimited projects and access to thousands of extra premium templates.

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Asset Bundles on Vecteezy (Pro Users)

Bundles on vecteezy pro

Undoubtedly one of the most valuable features available to Vecteezy Pro users, these bundles give you insane amounts of creative assets, especially for more advanced designers and marketers. Some examples include social media templates, font bundles, photo overlays, presentation, infographics, and diagram template, high quality background images, among many others. In our opinion, just one of these bundles more than makes up for the cost a single month of Vecteezy Pro.

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Vecteezy Pro

vecteezy pro pricing

Vecteezy Pro is Vecteezy’s premium tier that can be accessed under both a monthly subscription service, as well as on-demand credit purchases.

Vecteezy Pro’s subscription model can be paid under Monthly billing ($14 billed monthly) or Yearly (USD $81 billed yearly). If you do some quick math, you will quickly realize that the Yearly billing saves you already 50% over monthly billing. For all the amazing features that a Vecteezy Pro account offers you, it is a no-brainer to opt for the Yearly billing of Vecteezy Pro.

If you just need a few specific assets instead of the flat-rate subscription plan with unlimited downloads, you can also opt for on-demand credits. USD $10 gives you 1 Pro download, USD $15 gives you 5 Pro downloads, and USD $20 gives you 10 downloads. We only encourage the on-demand purchase of Vecteezy Pro assets if you truly just need a one-off Premium stock asset. If not, the subscriptions truly give you a bang for your buck for all the amazing and unlimited assets you will get (and as we creatives know, you never need just one creative assets. Any project will require you to get at least half a dozen assets to get the best results.

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Regardless of which version of Vecteezy Pro you decide to get, opting for Pro assets downloaded as a Vecteezy Pro users offers users an array of compelling advantages:

  1. Vecteezy Pro subscribers gain access to a vast repository of millions of Pro resources, expanding their creative possibilities beyond what it offered for free.

  2. Vecteezy Pro includes the perk of unlimited downloads, ensuring that you can freely explore and download from a broad quantity royalty free multimedia stock assets.

  3. Vecteezy Pro users enjoy full commercial rights for the assets they download without any need for attribution. This means they can confidently incorporate Vecteezy’s materials into their commercial projects without any licensing concerns.

  4. Vecteezy Pro users are entitled to legal indemnification, which provides an extra layer of assurance, safeguarding users from potential royalty or copyright issues related that may arise from the use of the resource.

  5. Vecteezy Pro subscribers enjoy full access to Bundles, collection downloads, faster download speeds, and an ad-free experience, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their overall experience.

Vecteezy Pro Coupons

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Vecteezy Pro is also discounted for events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and has a few extra sales throughout the year. While you can always check in their Pricing Page for sales, we know that creativity cannot wait and that is why we have written this article reviewing Vecteezy Pro and listing Vecteezy Pro Coupons for you to get started with Vecteezy Pro for your personal and professional multimedia projects right away!

Vecteezy Pro Free Trial


Vecteezy Pro has recently introduced a Free Trial so you can test their subscription service for 7 days without any commitment. If you are not enjoying Videezy Pro, you can cancel your free trial within 7 days without anything being charged to your card. You can opt for a free trial of their monthly and yearly billing – but not for the on-demand purchases. 


Disclaimer: It seems that Vecteezy is testing a full free trial instead of coupons. We see that sometimes coupons are accepted, and sometimes the checkout only allows for a free trial to be added instead of any additional discounts. The free trial is still a fantastic way to take a look at all that Vecteezy Pro has to offer with no strings attached and no commitment!

If you enjoyed this review and found our coupon useful, check out our other reviews and coupons for many other tools that we strongly recommend for creatives and marketing professionals!



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