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Today’s article is about a topic that creative people will love – arts and crafts! We have talked about the importance of a creative hobby. The benefits of a hobby are plenty and backed by science and studies: improved wellness, reduced stress, improved mental health – and a break from the stress that an office job or freelancing can bring. The high correlation between We were inspired to write an article on where to find cute coloring pages to print – and now we want to pass to our next project: Washi Tape projects a list of where to buy cheap Washi tape.

Just a note to explain what we consider “cheap” when talking about  Washi Tape. Whenever we’ve seen Washi Tape in speciality stores (be it arts-and-crafts, stationary, or Japanese shops, we’ve noted that Washi Tape can set you back upwards of $4.99 dollars (and the equivalent in other currencies per roll. We shall then consider anything below, or hopefully, way below this benchmark as “cheap Washi Tape)”!

What is Washi Tape?

Let’s start with the basics in case you don’t Washi tape is a type of decorative adhesive tape that has become very popular in craft and decorating projects. This tape is mainly made from rice paper (hence the name “washi”, which means “Japanese paper”), although it can sometimes also contain other materials such as natural or synthetic fibers. While our team thought that Washi tape, as other Japanese materials, had been around for ages, we were surprised to learn that it was actually invented in 2006!

washi tape from japan is not cheap washi tape
High end Washi Tape from Japan – it comes at a price and we don’t consider it to be cheap Washi Tape! Image via JPSquare

Washi tape is characterized by colorful and varied patterns and designs, making it ideal for adding a decorative touch to a wide variety of objects and surfaces. It is commonly used in scrapbooking projects, card making, gift wrapping, diary and notebook decorating, as well as for personalizing objects such as lamps, photo frames, bottles and much more. It comes in different lengths and widths, as well as in a continuous ribbon or separate “stickers” wrapped together.

One of the advantages of washi tape is that it is easy to use and remove, so it does not damage surfaces or leave a sticky residue. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors and designs, making it a versatile tool for creativity and artistic expression. Washi Tape can be an expensive material, so we wanted to really show you where to find cheap Washi Tape for your next project.

Where to get Cheap Washi Tape?

Let’s now dive into a few options where our team has found high-quality and beautiful Washi Tape that while saving a pretty penny on this otherwise pricey craft item. We understand that there are different grades of “Washi Tape” and while purists will want to stick to (and pay the price for) actual Japanese Washi tape, we have found that other alternatives do the trick just find. Here are our finds:

Cheap Washi Tape Option 1:

Amazon needs no introduction and it’s present in several countries. A quick search for “Washi Tape Set” shows you bundles of several beautiful and affordable Washi Tape roll bundles that, in the best deals, lets you pay ~$0.22 USD cents per roll! If that is not cheap Washi Tape, we don’t know what is!

Cheap Washi Tape from Amazon

Cheap Washi Tape Option 2: Temu

Temu is a relatively newcomer online shopping platform. We have recently been browsing for arts and crafts supplies here and we’ve found a treasure trove of art supplies, including cheap Washi Tape. Just go to Temu (or download the app) and search for “Washi Tape” to see the truly vast amount of cheap Washi Tape and other magical art supplies that they have (Warning: you may fall into a creative rabbit hole).

By clicking on this link before placing your first order, you will receive a $100 coupon bundle. We were sceptical at first since it ships from China, but we ordered a bunch of art supplies from Temu, including affordable Washi Tape, and we received our full order of actually high-quality art materials to North America within 3 weeks (actually, it was two days after their estimated delivery date, and they gave us a $5 credit note as an apology!).

cheap washi tape on Temu

Cheap Washi Tape Option 3: Etsy

Etsy has long established itself as THE marketplace for DIY and hand-made objects and materials. We searched for “cheap Washi Tape” in our region (North America) and found a bit of everything. The best deals are Washi Tape bundles and sets, followed by individual rolls priced at around $3 (and equivalent in other currencies), and also the typical prices expected and that we’re used to seeing in specialty stores. The good news is that you can find whatever ships locally from your region just to make sure that you’re not being dropshipped and that you’ll be able to track your order!

cheap washi tape from Etsy

Cheap Washi Tape Option 4: Michael’s

Michael’s is a creative person’s dream by the sheer amount of creative materials they have. They have a huge selection of Washi Tape, and, while the regular prices reflect the standard prices you’d expect for this material, they also have a permanent “40% off on any full-priced item” coupon plus a bunch of additional seasonal and limited-time sales. Our tip to get cheap Washi Tape from Michael’s? Purchase a large bundle pack of regular-priced Washi Tape using their 40% coupon valid on any regular price item, and also take advantage of seasonal discounts for Halloween Washi Tape, Christmas Washi Tape, Spring Washi Tape, Easter Washi Tape, etc!

cheap washi tape from michaels

Cheap Washi Tape Option 5: Do It Yourself

Method 1 (for really cheap Washi Tape)

The fabulously creative Nina Ribena’s YouTube channel teaches you how to make a bunch of cheap Washi Tape at home. We link the video below, but in summary, you take craft paper, glue one side to a sheet of double-sided sticky tape, then proceed to decorate the craft paper in whatever creative pattern you want with the aid of paint, stamps, stickers, etc. Then you cut the results in large horizontal stripes (we suggest using a paper cutter), and voilà – unique and dirt cheap Washi Tape!

Method 2 (for cheap Washi Tape with a small upfront investment)

There is a second method that combines the first method for dirt cheap Washi Tape from above but adds a technological twist to it. You take craft paper and apply a large sheet of double-sided sticky tape on what will be the back side, then you use the wonder that Michael’s PrintMaker printer is to print several colorful lines across the paper before cutting it into your customized cheap Washi Tape!

The printer costs around ~$168 USD, but if you remember well, Michael’s always has a 40% coupon applicable on any full-priced item – why not use it to get this neat printer that you can use for several other projects too!?

Cheap Washi Tape Option 6: Find Local Suppliers Online

There are local online suppliers that we’ve found that offer reasonably-priced (i.e. cheap Washi tape). The key is looking for suppliers that offer wholesale prices and not speciality online retailers. If you are lucky enough to be in the USA, or have a friend you can ship it to, consider, which offers some of the most competitive prices.

cheap washi tape from

What Will I Do With So Much Cheap Washi Tape?!

You’ve got your awesome cheap Washi Tape, now what?! Well, GO WILD! There are so many fun uses for this craft material and the best inspiration we have found is on YouTube.

Washi Tape Ideas for Bullet Journals

Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making

Washi Tape Ideas for General Crafting

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions to buy Washi Tape. As we said, it is important for everyone to have a hobby to distract your mind from the day-to-day stress from work or freelancing gigs. Stick around for more creative articles like this, we put a lot of heart into them, especially because we love DIY and arts and crafts ourselves!

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